Vice Golf Ball Comparison Chart 2024: Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good?

Back in the early 1990’s players could pick up most golf balls at a very reasonable price. However, new technology has changed all this. With new features and a deeper focus on aerodynamics, the prices of golf balls have soared.

However, Vice golf balls seem to be one of the more affordable brands, who believe that golf balls should not be as expensive.

Vice aims to save consumers money when designing golf balls, trying to emulate some of the leading brands like Titleist and Bridgestone, but keeping the prices lower. Most Vice golf balls would cost you less than $30 for one dozen, which gives you great value for your money.

But do Vice Golf Balls match the leading brands in terms of performance?

To help you understand Vice Golf Balls and ensure you find the right one, we have created the Vice golf ball comparison chart.

We will be looking at the Vice tour golf ball comparison chart and many of their cheaper alternatives that could help you improve your game. We also explore the rumor that people are wondering about; “Are Vice Golf Balls Legal?”

Who Is Vice in the World of Golf?

Vice is one of the newer brands in the world of golf and casual players often rely on them for affordable golf balls. Founded in 2012 by Rainer Stoeckl and Ingo Duellmann, Vice started selling golf balls all over Germany as a golf ball company.

Later the manufacturer expanded in the US market and by 2015, Vice golf balls could be found all over the market.

The main mission of Vice was to sell golf balls directly to the consumer. After exploring the business models of other golf ball manufacturers, the owners of Vice found that many golf ball brands use intermediaries that resell their golf balls.

As a result, the prices of these golf balls became heavily inflated as each intermediary added its profit. Vice determined that they could design similar golf balls and incorporate as much of the new technology in their golf balls and keep the price down.

Before selling these golf balls to places like Amazon, Vice only focused on selling directly from their website. Nowadays, the brand has grown and still manages to keep its prices down.

Vice Golf Ball Comparison Chart (Compression) 2024

To make it easier for you to understand the different Vice golf balls, we have to compare them to one another. We have used the most basic criterion that differentiates golf balls to give you an idea of the different Vice Golf Balls.

Here is the comparison and compression chart you can use:

Vice Pro Ball4 PieceUrethane95Medium318
Vice Pro Plus3 PieceUrethane85Low392
Vice Pro Soft3 PieceUrethane35High318
Vice Pro Zero3 PieceUrethane95Medium344
Vice Tour Ball3 PieceSurlyn90Medium392
Vice Drive Ball2 PieceSurlyn80Low318

Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good?

While Vice might not be the most popular brand yet, the brand is slowly building itself up to be one of the leading brands on the market for budget golf balls.

We also believe that the Vice Golf Pro Plus can serve as a tour-quality golf ball for mid-handicappers looking to play in the big leagues

How to Choose a Vice Golf Balls

Choosing a Vice Golf Ball is very similar to buying any other golf ball. Fortunately, there are not too many features involved, but you need a basic understanding of how golf balls work and what each feature means.

Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good

Here is a basic breakdown of the most important features to consider when choosing a Vice golf ball or any golf balls comparison chart:


One of the first things you should consider is the construction of the golf ball. You will notice that different golf balls have different constructions.

These are commonly split into a 2-piece, 3-piece, and 5–piece construction. The most basic would be the 2-piece construction, which is perfectly balanced for optimal distance.

The 3 and 4-piece golf balls offer a bit more spin for the golfer and the more layers a golf ball has, the lower the spin would be. A thin urethane golf ball would offer more spin than a golf ball with a thicker mantel.

Compression Rating

Once you understand the construction a bit better, you will also need to focus on the compression rating of the golf ball.

The lower the compression, the better it would be for slower swing speeds. In Layman’s terms, compression refers to how “soft” the golf ball is when connecting with your golf clubs.

Most Vice Golf Balls have a compression rating of under 100, which means they should suffice for many entry-level golfers.

Skill Level

You would want to combine the two above-mentioned features and work out what your skill level is. Any club fitter will also help you make the best decision and you will notice that a club fitter can adjust your clubs with the golf ball to give you a little more distance.


Finally, your skill level and other features would impact the price of the golf ball. When you look at different aerodynamic features, you could have a more expensive golf ball due to the dimple design. There are numerous great golf balls on the market today, but with Vice, you can find the one that suits your budget.

Best Vice Golf Balls Review in 2024

To give you a better understanding of Vice balls, we have created a brief overview of each of their coveted golf balls. We will give you a brief review of each of the five golf balls currently sold by the company.

This should allow you to see whether Vice golf balls are the ideal brand for your game or not:

1. Vice Golf Pro Plus: Best Premium Golf Balls

The Vice Golf Pro Plus is one of their most coveted golf balls and features a four-piece construction. The Vice ball is primarily designed for players with a faster swing speed and offers low spin ratios when compared to some of the modern brands.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls
  • 4 Piece cast urethane cover ball construction with extra-thin cover for the most comprehensive performance from tee to green
  • Designed for golfers with high swing speeds with highest performance requirements
  • Outstanding driver distance and spin control
  • Newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming
  • Available in three different colors WHITE, NEON LIME, NEON RED
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The ultra-thin cast urethane cover will offer you plenty of feel for your game. The main idea behind these premium golf balls is to offer players a tour-level alternative that is more affordable than the big brands.

While the main focus was on promoting distance, the golf ball allows for an adequate greenside spin and many compare it to the Bridgestone Tour B XS used by Tiger Woods, but far cheaper.

2. Vice Golf Pro: Best Low Handicapper Golf Balls

The Vice Golf Pro Ball is the little sister of the previous golf ball and it is constructed with a three-piece core that can hold plenty of energy. It features a urethane cover that will make it comfortable for those that play with spin and it offers plenty of control.

Amazon product

According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for players with a swing speed of 110 MPH. You will also notice that it is slightly cheaper than the Pro Plus Golf Ball. However, many reports show that these two top golf balls from the Vice brand feel very similar.

3. Vice Pro Soft: Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Ball is one of the softest golf balls in their range. It is ideal for players with a swing speed lower than 90 MPH.

With the same three-piece construction and urethane cover as the Vice Pro Golf Ball, it behaves very similarly when playing. There are also numerous colors that players can choose from.

Vice Golf PRO Soft HUE Living Coral 2020 | 12 Golf Balls
  • 3 Piece cast urethane cover ball construction with extra-thin cover for high short game spin
  • Designed for golfers with medium and low swing speeds who aim to maximize their score performance
  • Outstanding spin control and extra soft feel off the club
  • Newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming
  • New color combination of WHITE and LIVING CORAL Vice Verve and KIL Line
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One of the biggest downsides is that players with higher swing speeds might not get the same benefit. It is also one of the more expensive golf balls from the manufacturer that could generate good ball speed.

4. Vice Pro Zero: Best High-End Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Zero Golf Ball is one of the best golf balls Vice has ever designed. It features a 3-piece construction and includes a high-energy core.

The main purpose of the golf ball is to generate energy and use it to propel the golf ball even farther down the golf course. The urethane cover offers medium spin and it can be used for slower swing speeds.

You rarely find a tour-quality golf ball like the Vice Pro Zero Golf Ball at such low price points, which makes it an attractive buy.

5. Vice Golf Tour: Best Budget-Friendly Golf Balls

As an entry-level player, the Vice Golf Tour Ball might be very appealing and it is one of the most affordable from the manufacturer.

The golf ball also features a three-piece construction and the greenside control is amplified to enable the golfer to have optimal performance when playing.

VICE Tour Golf Balls, White
  • 3 Piece Surlyn ball construction with extreme durability and cut resistance
  • Designed for golfers of all levels looking for distance off the tee and soft short game feel
  • Direct control and feedback off the club
  • Newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming
  • Available in White
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While marketed as a Tour golf ball, it lacks a bit when it comes to performance around the green and your approach shot. It should be a great training golf ball.

6. Vice Golf Drive: Best Beginner Golf Balls

The final option from the Vice brand is the Vice Golf Drive Ball, which has been specifically designed for players with a slow swing speed.

It includes the patented energy core that helps create more energy and launch the golf ball. However, it offers medium spin and should have enough control and feel for the player.

Vice Drive Golf Balls, White
  • 2 Piece Surlyn ball construction with extreme durability and cut resistance
  • Designed for beginners and golfers looking for distance off the tee primarily
  • Available in WHITE
  • Newly designed, extra-long alignment line for better aiming
  • Featured in Golf Digest Hotlist 2020 among "Best Bargains"
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This golf ball might not help you win tours, but it could be ideal for the driving range and it is very affordable.

For a golf ball to be used in a professional tour, it needs to adhere to certain USGA regulations. The golf ball cannot provide an unfair advantage in a game situation to any player.

If you look at the construction and design of Vice golf balls, you can see that they are legal. All of these golf balls, including the tour golf balls, adhere to USGA and R&A standards.

Are Vice Golf Balls Legal?

This means that you can find one of the best golf balls on the market for an affordable price. Vice continues to improve the quality of its golf balls and they always follow the USGA regulations.

Vice is an underrated brand and people often stick to what they know. One of the most popular golf balls you would find on the market today is the Titleist Pro V1.

However, smaller brands are trying to compete with these giants. Here are a few popular questions we found when people search for the best Vice Golf Balls:

Which Vice Golf Ball Is Like the Pro V1?

The Titleist Pro V1 is one of the best golf balls ever made and many tour regulars use it. The golf ball has been improved year after year, with custom designs being available for elite golfers.

When comparing it to Vice, the Vice Golf Pro Plus is the closest in terms of features. While it has a slightly more complex design, it can offer the same results.

Where Do Vice Golf Balls Ship From?

Unlike many of the bigger brands, Vice Golf Balls are constructed locally in Germany.

Even with the recent explosion in popularity, the company still manufactures its own golf balls and they are directly shipped from Germany.

According to many reports, people in the US have praised the quick shipping, with golf balls often arriving within 5 days of ordering.

Do Any PGA Players Use Vice Golf Balls?

Having combed through the top 50 golfers in the world, we could not find any player that prefers using a Vice golf ball.

However, it is expected that many professional players could use them for training due to the affordability of the brand.

We believe that Vice Golf Balls will eventually make it onto the PGA tour to be used by the top players.

Wrap Up

Vice golf balls might be considered a fairly new brand. However, the brand has expanded and generated enough income to create its own manufacturing facilities.

Vice has grown year by year and we expect this trend to continue until they rival great brands like TaylorMade and Titleist. We would recommend Vice golf balls for their affordability and quality on offer.

Have you ever used a Vice Golf Ball?







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