How to Play TopGolf: Ultimate Step by Step Guide for Beginners

TopGolf is probably one of the greatest pastimes of all time. It combines succulent food, games, golf, and beverages. It is what you might call a golfer’s dream. It is the best version of golf for those players who favor convenience and facilitation.

It isn’t like other driving ranges and instead focuses more on entertainment with golf at its center—the facilities where TopGolf is played in large and amazing facilities. You can rent out bays at an hourly rate, and most of these facilities operate almost all day long.

A server is on the premises to deliver exceptional food and drinks while you work on your game. What more could you ask for? Also, you get to experience golf at its finest and at your own pace and demand.

So, if you wish to learn more about TopGolf, how to play topgolf at the weekend, and what it entails, keep on reading. We have you covered in this regard:

How to Play Topgolf

What is TopGolf?

TopGolf has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of the world’s most enjoyable and popular games. You can have immense fun and enjoy the company of your friends when you go for this game.

The driving range is superb, and TopGolf is a game everyone can play and enjoy.

It doesn’t require much in the way of golfing ability, either. You score by hitting giant dartboard-like targets with microchipped golf balls on an outfield. The score level is determined by the accuracy and distance of the target.

What is TopGolf?

Every ball in this game features microchip technology and is capable of recording your performance. This raises the competitive stakes for all golfers. Each ball you hit will provide you with significant information about your style and ability.

If you want to lounge around and take a break from golfing, these facilities also offer an excellent food and drink menu. A red line on the outfield demarcates the hitting and safe area. You can cross it to get into the action once again after having finished your meal or drink.


There are more than 50 facilities dedicated to TopGolf located around the world at present. More than 30 of these are present in the USA, where the game has gained a profound following.

TopGolf mainly started in the UK, with 3 locations opened across the region in 2000. However, it was in 2005 that it began in the USA.

The facilities where TopGolf is played are pretty expansive, so most of them can be found in Las Vegas, Chicago, Phoenix, etc.

However, the craze is sweeping across other countries as well, and it seems that soon TopGolf will permeate into all major regions of the world.

How to Play TopGolf?

Before we get started on this, you will need to know about the scoring zones/patterns of the game. These are as follows:

  • Red is equal to 25 yards
  • Yellow is equal to 50 yards
  • Green is equal to 90 yards
  • Brown is equal to 125 yards
  • Blue is equal to 150 yards
  • White is equal to 185 yards
  • Range Net (Trench) is equal to 215 yards 

The highest score that you can get in this game is about 400. However, the average score can top around 95 for most players.

Ways to Play TopGolf?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play TopGolf, don’t worry, for we have you covered.

Ways to Play TopGolf?

There are numerous options to choose from in this regard. You can opt for hitting balls hourly, or you can go the competitive route and mix it up. There are plenty of ways to play TopGolf, and each one of these modes has something to offer.

Some of the best ways to play TopGolf are as follows. Peruse through and see which one matches your taste:


This is the normal, signature mode of the game. Players can get scores by hitting targets set up on the range. All players get a maximum of 10 hits in a match.

The close range (30 to 50 yards) contains 6 targets. The latter extends to up to 200 yards (long-range) with increasing amounts. 

The distant targets require greater skill and precision to hit, but you are rewarded more. Similarly, you get rewarded with lesser points for hitting the easier and more proximate targets. You will need to mix them up to get a score that surpasses your competitors and lets you win.

Almost all players of varying levels can indulge in this game and have a blast of a competitive time. This is the easiest and most basic way to play for groups of people ranging from 2 to 6. You can even practice individually to work on your skills.

This method is best for Beginners.

Quick 9

Playing a game of Quick 9 is exactly what the name implies, “quick and fun”. It is terrific and enjoyable, and TopGolf facilities offer you the opportunity to engage in this mode. You get 9 total shots in this fame with 3 for red, 3 for yellow, and 3 for green targets.

The number of points you earn depends on how close you can get to the center where the pin is located. The final shot is equivalent to twice the points as well. This is the mode to choose if you are playing in a group of 1 to 4 players.

This game offers two modes, novice, and expert. The latter’s rules and regulations are the same as the former. The only difference is that the targets are changed to brown, blue, and white, increasing the distance. This makes it more challenging to score and accentuates the skill factor involved.

This game is best for beginner to advanced-level players.


This game is for those golfers who want to concentrate on a shorter distance or can’t hit over long distances or targets. The red target is used in this mode of TopGolf and is close to the bays.

5 shots are used in this range and for the yellow target that extends to 60 yards. The last 10 shots are employed in the 100 yards or the green target area.

You earn points if you can score any 20 balls into the requisite targets. Unfortunately, your points will be deducted if you hit the wrong target or are in the wrong area.

This is a departure from the main game, where points aren’t deducted for hitting the wrong target. This raises the stakes and makes the game more interesting.

TopChip is a great technique for honing your short-game skills and improving precision on the golf course. Any number of people can play this game at a time.

This mode is best for intermediate leveled players.


Pressure is one of the defining points of golf, and many crave it. But you don’t get pressurized when you are hitting balls on a driving range. You just don’t improve this way. So, if you want to crank up the pressure, then TopPressure is the TopGolf mode for you.

You have to hit nine sections in the yellow target at varying degrees in this mode. The game’s later levels are reminiscent of the pressure that one experiences during the later parts of a normal golf game.

Points increase twice and thrice in value after hitting a ball in the same section several times. You also end up losing points as well if it continues.

If you want to experience pressure and competition at its finest, then this is the game for you and your friends.

This mode is best for intermediate-level players.


The game of TopBreak is based on billiards and snooker. It is a version of TopGolf that’s akin to billiards, where you have to sink a red ball before moving onto a colored ball.

In TopBreak, you have first to hit the closest red target, and then you can hit any other colored ball on the range, be it yellow, blue, green, or white. Like snooker, you get more points the further the distance you score.

This mode is best for intermediate-level players.


This is the game type for those players who want to hit long and distant. TopScore rewards players if they hit the ball straight and long. You get greater points the farther you manage to hit the ball and nearer to the flag.

This mode is best for players of beginner to intermediate level.


A scramble format in golf is pretty amazing. Players of all skill levels can participate in this golf-based mode of the scramble. Players can divide into teams, and the highest score is used for the team.

This mode is best for intermediate-level players.


There is an absolute truth in golf, and that’s that Golf players love hitting balls far off in the driving range. This is enjoyable, but you don’t attain much in the way of improvement in your skill.

TopDrive is a mode of TopGolf where you have to concentrate on hitting the farthest targets and the trench (or the net).

This mode is best for advanced-level players.


This is the type of TopGolf where you play a similar mode to TopChip. You have to focus on hitting full shots instead of concentrating on the short game. Every player gets 5 shots each and has to hit 4 targets.

The game’s challenge will increase steadily depending on the color of the target you choose. That is because each successive target will require a longer shot. The game versions range from novice to intermediate, up to advanced levels.

Players of beginner to advanced levels can engage in this mode of TopGolf.

Some of the most prominent questions that people ask about TopGolf are elaborated as follows for your convenience and information:

How Many Types of Games Are There in TopGolf?

There are basically nine types of games in TopGolf. Each one of them has something unique and different to offer. You can choose the one that best matches your preference or playing style. Also, choose the one that you have got the time for.

How Old Can You Be to Play TopGolf?

Age really isn’t a barrier or hindrance if you want to play TopGolf. The game has been designed to be accessible to everyone and make everyone enjoy it to the fullest. The general consensus is that if you can lift and swing a golf club, you can play TopGolf.

How Long Does It Take to Play TopGolf?

As mentioned afore, you rent out bays at TopGolf facilities hourly. Games can range from an hour to more. It is up to you and the time that you have at hand. If you have the time, you can play for as long as you like.

But, if you don’t have the time but still want to hit a few balls, then go for the versions of TopGolf that you can complete. For instance, Quick 9 can be completed in just about an hour.

What is Topgolf and how do you play?


Well, there you have it, all that you would probably need to know about TopGolf, and what it entails. You are now privy to the various modes that TopGolf evinces.

You can choose the one that matches your preference and tastes. Not to mention your time and pertinent constraints.

The thing is, don’t be daunted. Don’t think that you can’t play the game. You have got this, and practice makes perfect. All you need to do is indulge in the game fervently and with dedication. You will become a pro in no time at all.

So, take care and enjoy TopGolf at your leisure and convenience. We wish you the best in this regard.







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