How Many TopGolf Locations Are There? (Coming Soon Facilities)

There aren’t many sports as interconnected in the world as Golf is. And if you looking for the question, “how many TopGolf locations are there? You have landed in the right place.

A great thing about golf is that you can travel to the most exquisite courses around the world. Some of these courses have been home to the greatest championships in the sport.

The same applies to the sport of TopGolf as well. This is an advanced and improved form of traditional golf. It has got much to offer golfers, both beginner and advanced levels. The sport is quickly gaining popularity with players all across the world.

TopGolf has swept the globe and many facilities have sprung up in different parts of the world, most notably in the USA. The country is home to some of the best facilities in the world.

How Many TopGolf Locations Are There?

How Many TopGolf Global Locations Are There?

If you are asking yourself the question “How many topgolf global locations are there?”, then we have you covered. There are more than 87 locations scattered across the globe.

United State Locations

RosevilleColorado SpringsTampa
San JoseThorntonOrlando
El SegundoFort Myers
Lake Mary
Miami Gardens
Overland Park
Baton RougeBaltimoreAuburn Hills
National Harbor
Brooklyn CenterChesterfieldOmaha
New JerseyNew MexicoNew York
Mount Laurel
NevadaNorth CarolinaOhio
Las VegasCharlotte – SouthwestColumbus
Charlotte – UniversityCleveland
DurhamWest Chester
Oklahoma CityHillsboroPhiladelphia
South CarolinaTennesseeTexas
Myrtle BeachKnoxvilleAllen
Fort Worth
The Colony
El Paso
Houston – Katy
Houston – Spring
Houston – Webster
McAllen – Pharr
San Antonio
VineyardD.C. – LoudounSeattle – Renton
Salt Lake CityRichmond
Virginia Beach

International Locations

Gold Coast, QueenslandOberhausenMonterrey
ThailandUnited Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom
MegacityDubaiEssex (Chigwell)
Herts (Watford)

As to How many TopGolf locations are there in the United States, the answer is 78 at present. The scope of the game has never been wider and seems to be expanding with each passing day.

We are here to answer your questions about the best spots for TopGolf around the world. The top 12 best spots are listed for your information and facilitation. Go on and have a look:

1. TopGolf Las Vegas

This is by far the biggest and most profoundly excellent of TopGolf facilities in the world as well as in the USA. The fact that it spans 105,000 square feet and over four levels is proof of this fact. Las Vegas is truly the home of TopGolf.

Topgolf Las Vegas

TopGolf Las Vegas has got everything that fans of the sports expect and desire with much more thrown into the mix.

There are more than 108 hitting bays in the facility and these bays offer all the excellent features that one covets. The facility also contains two swimming pools, several cabanas, a venue for concerts, suites for VIPs, a retail shop, bars, restaurants, etc.

2. TopGolf Long Island, Holtsville

This is the fantastic spot for TopGolf in Holtsville and is a premier location for entertainment and a good time.

The facility features state-of-the-art, climate-controlled bays and also comes with a well-equipped sports bar and a restaurant as well.

TopGolf Long Island, Holtsville

You don’t have to worry about clubs either as the facility provides them complementarily to you.

The facility is comprised of 3 floors and you also get free Wi-Fi here. You can even rent out event spaces for private games as well. All in all, this is one of the best TopGolf locations in the world.

3. TopGolf Portland, Hillsboro

Welcome to another great TopGolf spot. This is the spot for you if you enjoy the sport and want a smashing good time as well.

The facility has a lot to offer to its visitors. For instance, you get excellent, modern bays to practice around all day, succulent food from the bar, personalized training tips, HDTVs in the bay areas, etc.

TopGolf Portland, Hillsboro

You can aim at the giant targets in the outfield and the tech balls will record the score automatically. You also get to enjoy the rooftop terrace and fire pits as well.

4. TopGolf Edison

If you are from this region or live in proximity to it, then this is the spot for TopGolf that you should choose. The facility is remarkable, to say the least, and offers a blend of scenic views and splendid shooting.

This premier destination offers you the very best of TopGolf combined with other excellent attractions.

TopGolf Edison

You can engage in the various formats of the game in the aptly equipped bays, rent out private spaces for you and your friends, and eat at the bar and restaurant at your leisure.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t bring along your clubs. That is because you can get them from the facility itself on a complimentary basis. You also benefit from other fringe benefits like free internet access, climate-controlled ambiance, etc.

5. TopGolf Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center

This is another awesome location and has all that you might expect from a TopGolf facility. You get to play in style in amazing weather-controlled bays, track your performance on HDTVs, get complimentary clubs, get tips from seasoned coaches, etc.

TopGolf Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center

If that isn’t enough, then this facility has much more in store for you. For instance, you can relish the taste of scrumptious dishes from the restaurant, have a drink at the bar, or enjoy the TCL gaming lounge for a change.

The rooftop terrace, fire pits, free Wi-Fi, and more are a nice touch and add to the overall appeal as well.

6. TopGolf Philadelphia, Northeast

For residents of Philadelphia, TopGolf doesn’t get any better than this. This is one of the best TopGolf facilities in the country, not to mention, the World.

You should plan a trip to this spot for you and your friends if you want a superb time. The facility offers more than 100 plus hitting bays that are climate controlled and equipped with all requisite features.

TopGolf Philadelphia, Northeast

A Sports bar and restaurant are available on-site, catering to your food-based desires effectively.

You can book private bays for personalized games and track your performance on HDTVs. The facility has more than 200 of these screens available might we add. Overall, this 3-storied TopGolf facility is great for all types of visitors and golfing enthusiasts.

7. TopGolf Mount Laurel, New Jersey

The TopGolf scene here at this location is one of the most versatile and excellent that you can find in the world. This resort and its management take into account all the needs and requirements of golfing enthusiasts and general visitors as well.

TopGolf Mount Laurel, NJ

This resort offers excellent bays for renting, complimentary clubs, beverage equipped bar, succulent food serving restaurant, a climate-controlled environment, giant outfield targets, free Wi-Fi, private spaces for personal events, fire pits, etc.

Another thing that sets this facility apart is the flexible timings. It is open from 9 AM to 12 PM, thereby allowing you the freedom to play whenever you feel like it. The parking areas are wide and plentiful and you can bet that your ride will be safe and secure.

8. TopGolf Detroit, Auburn Hills

You can indulge all your TopGolf needs in this facility if you are from the mentioned region. This facility is remarkable in as such that it contains everything that you will require from the sport.

The facility itself is aesthetically pleasing and spans 3 floors. The latter contains more than 100 bays for your gaming pleasure. In addition to this, this facility also offers over 200 HDTVs for scorekeeping and action viewing.

TopGolf Detroit, Auburn Hills

The tech balls of this facility are especially effective at precisely recording your progress. You can also take a break and head off to the bar for a relaxing beverage.

Feeling hungry? Sate your hunger with delicious dishes from the restaurant. This facility has got you covered in all the pertinent aspects.

9. TopGolf Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland has been home to many attractions and TopGolf ranks among them. The sport has found a strong footing amongst the denizens of the region and has quickly gained popularity.

You will want nothing in this fantastic and well-equipped facility. The structure, the design, and the very ambiance are conducive to the sport.

TopGolf Cleveland, Ohio

You can engage in competitive goodness with your friends across the many bays. The latter is also climate-controlled to provide you with an experience that is comfortable and facilitating.

To top it all off, you get complimentary clubs, Wi-Fi, and more at this facility as well. The bar and restaurant are top-notch as well and don’t disappoint in the least.

10. TopGolf D.C. Germantown

This is another great spot for TopGolf and is located in the scenic surroundings of Germantown, MD. You can enjoy great TopGolf action in comfortable and well-equipped bays, have fun at the rooftop terrace and enjoy the fire pits and much more.

TopGolf D.C. Germantown

You will not be disappointed in any regard if you opt for this location. The 3 floored facility offers accessible internet facilities to its users.

It has also got a great restaurant and bar so that golfers don’t have to step off the location to fulfillment of these needs.

The facility is open from 9 AM till 11 PM into the night. Make plans accordingly and bring along your family or friends to have one terrific time. Or, if you want to personalize your game, then rent out the unique bays at discounted rates.

11. TopGolf D.C. Loudoun

This facility is dedicated to providing its visitors with a safe, clean, cordial, and fun-filled environment. All efforts have been made to ensure expedient delivery on these parameters.

The staff is very cooperative and diligent and endeavors to cater to all your needs at this location. You can get complimentary clubs at this facility. You can also get beneficial tips for improving your game from experts as well.

TopGolf D.C. Loudoun

Moreover, you get to enjoy gaming in excellent bays that protect against the elements quite workable. The bar and restaurant are the best that you can find anywhere.

All in all, this is one of the best spots to choose if you are in the mood for TopGolf and immense excitement.

12. TopGolg D.C. National Harbor

Another outstanding entry is TopGolf and which is also located in the D.C. region. You can’t do any wrong if you choose this one for your TopGolf needs. Being in the last spot on this list doesn’t diminish the potential of this facility in the least.

The facility holds a modest number of 100-plus bays where you can hit balls and have a blast of a time. The technology of the tech balls allows for precise and indubitable scorekeeping. You can also refer to the HDTVs to view your performance on a more meticulous basis.

TopGolg D.C. National Harbor

Aside from that, you have also got plenty of other benefits to glean as well. These include free internet access, coaches, a comfortable and cordial environment, a bar, a restaurant, amazing customer service, etc.

The point is, if you are talking about TopGolf, then this spot is worthy of your attention.

TopGolf New Locations Coming Soon

Coming SoonComing SoonComing Soon
United StateStateCityStatus
FloridaSt. PetersburgUpcoming
North CarolinaRaleigh – DurhamUpcoming
South CarolinaCharlestonUpcoming

There are certain questions that people might have about TopGolf. That isn’t an issue since we are here to address any ambiguity or query that you might have in this regard.

So, without further ado, the following are mentioned some of the top questions and their answers regarding TopGolf:

When Did TopGolf Open in Texas?

The very first TopGolf Facility was opened in Katy, Texas in the year 2016. The facility was designed to be the premier entertainment hub for the region. It was comprised of about 102 bays upon inauguration.

Where Was the First TopGolf in the US?

The first TopGolf facility was opened in the region of Alexandria, VA. The WestRiver Group was the pioneer investor in the sport. Erik Anderson from WestRiver Group became the modern founder of TopGolf in the USA.

Is TopGolf Coming to Billings, MT?

The location of Billings, MT shows up in the list of “Topgolf new locations coming soon”. So, yes TopGolf will eventually arrive in the region in a few years. This is just a stipulation as it can be even less than that.


There you have it, all that you might need to know about TopGolf and its greatest and best locations in the world. There are many excellent points and facilities to choose from when it comes to TopGolf. You should go for the one that is nearest to you.

Also, if your area doesn’t have a TopGolf facility then fret not. One may be erected in no time at all since the sport is quickly gaining in popularity. You will certainly be able to enjoy this sport in the future.

So, until then, you can bet that these locations have you covered in all aspects. So, enjoy yourselves and take care always.







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