What Is TopGolf and How Does TopGolf Work? (Ultimate Guide)

TopGolf has been gaining a lot of popularity in the current times. People of all ages and genders have started to indulge in it due to it providing a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Many individuals want to go and experience it, but they may hesitate to go thinking that they do not have the right skill level for hitting golf balls.

There are a number of TopGolf locations across different cities in the USA such as Las Vegas, Hillsboro, Edison, etc. You can search for the place near your location and go ahead with booking it.

Hitting balls in the right way can boost your confidence while you play with the entertainment community. We have gathered all the required information on what is TopGolf and how you can get a good TopGolf experience.

What Is TopGolf

What Is TopGolf?

TopGolf is a fusion of actual golf games and high technology. It is basically a driving-range game situated in a three-story complex inclusive of facilities for hanging out with your friends.

These facilities include food, drinks, comfortable seating, music, etc. Each group of people visiting is allocated a personal bay, a server is also included to cater to your needs.

Each TopGolf ball is encoded with a microchip for tracking the performance. These microchip balls are hit toward a giant dartboard-type target board, hitting it will score points for you. TopGolf is often referred to as a bowling alley and replaced with a golf game.

So, it’s a signature game to be played in the entertainment complex to earn points and most players aim to get the most points so the topgolf offers these golfers a sport they can love.

What Do You Do in TopGolf?

Topgolf is a modified version of the actual golf game. The golf ball is replaced with a microchipped golf ball that can help you with your performance. You have to swing the golf club and hit the golf ball at the green or red target.

You can visit your nearest TopGolf location and book a hitting pad or bay for your required duration.

TopGolf can be a medium where professional golf players can enhance their games. On the other hand, people looking for fun can come for playing TopGolf.

You can swing golf balls, eat and drink and enjoy music with your friends or family.

How Does TopGolf Work?

Now that you have an understanding of Topgolf and whether the weather affects your game, you might be wondering how you play Topgolf and what you need to do to be successful.

How Do You Play TopGolf?

Fortunately, playing Topgolf is easy and we have broken down how to approach your first game to give you the best chance of winning.

1. Finding A Suitable Location

The first thing you and your friends will have to do is find the ideal location for playing Topgolf. There are a few courses spread throughout the United States and other parts of the world.

Once you have a location, it is best to book beforehand. Since the game is popular in certain parts, you might not have access to an open bay upon arrival.

You should consider calling and reserving a bay for a specific time that you want to play. You can pay ahead of time and make sure that once you arrive, you will have access to the playing bay that is often available.

2. Determine The Game Type

Once you and your friends have arrived at the specific location, you will be introduced to the game and the instructor will explain how it works.

They will show you the different games and formats you can play. The most common format would be aiming for the targets and playing to hit these targets for the most points.

However, other smaller games are available to help you have some fun with your friends. These can vary, but all of them should ensure you have a great time, regardless of the weather conditions.

3. Enjoying The Concessions

As mentioned, there are numerous concessions and including a kitchen and a bar. You can order a few drinks while you are playing, which might help to loosen up some of the players.

It is worth noting that you don’t want to get too drunk whilst you are playing to avoid looking like a fool during the game.

Additionally, you can have a bite to eat and the restaurants at many Topgolf facilities will offer you some basic food items. You can even call ahead of time and book a platter. These will help to feed all the players.

For many large groups, you can set up a party-like atmosphere to make everyone feel comfortable and help them enjoy their time.

4. Playing To Win

Once all the basics have been sorted, you will be free to play your games. Depending on the time you have booked, you can play a few games to have some fun with your friends and family.

The ultimate goal would be to win the game. Keep in mind that being a great player when it comes to Topgolf would not necessarily affect your game on the traditional golf course.

What is Topgolf and how do you play?

How Much Does TopGolf Cost?

TopGolf charges vary in accord with the location and the time of the day, morning sessions are usually cheaper.

On average TopGolf ranges from $20-$25 per player or $60 per hour for the bay.

A single bay can accommodate up to six people easily. If you are searching for a good bargain for TopGolf, visit here to see some good deals!

Some of these TopGolf facilities do also give monthly or yearly membership for continuous members. Another service these places provide is lessons from professional instructors. You can book these lessons to improve your game.

Who would not enjoy playing a game but being comfortable and relaxed to the maximum? The main reason for the popularity of TopGolf is a game that is accessible to everyone.

You don’t have to be an expert in the game to be able to play it. The relaxed and comfortable environment of the TopGolf bays also contributes heavily to their popularity.

People who are not playing or hitting golf, can go and enjoy various amazing food and drinks to help them relax. There are different servers available in these several dozen bays to serve your needs as well.

It also has no restriction on the age group, making it suitable for young ones. If you are a skilled golfer or someone who has never played golf, you can enjoy playing TopGolf!

Moreover, hitting bay with club rentals is always a fun part of this high-tech game.

Do I Need a Reservation for TopGolf?

There is no requirement for a reservation when planning to play TopGolf. However, it is strongly recommended to reserve your bay in order to avoid any inconvenience.

This also helps if you plan to visit on a weekend, as people tend to go out more on weekends

Most of these TopGolf places welcome walk-ins and also will reserve a place for you 2 weeks ahead of time. You can also get a TopGolf membership to skip the hassle of booking if you enjoy playing the game.

Is It Weird to Bring Your Own Clubs to TopGolf?

Not at all, TopGolf clubs welcome individuals who prefer to play using their own clubs. There is a wide range of clubs provided by TopGolf places to suit the needs of everyone.

Is It Weird to Bring Your Own Clubs to TopGolf?

However, plenty of people especially golf professionals like to bring their own gear for ease and comfort.

You can always call ahead and check with the TopGolf place that you are visiting to see if they have any restrictions. If you are looking to buy your own golf club, here are some good options.

Is There a Dress Code for TopGolf?

There is no required dress code for a TopGolf game, you may wear whatever you want. However, it is advised to wear something comfortable as you do have to move around while playing the game.

It is also recommended to wear flats shoe. You can’t swing a club in a tight suit and heels!

What Is Climate Controlled Hitting Bays?

Climate controlled hitting bays are bays that have the ability to control the temperature. These facilities allow playing TopGolf in all seasons around the year. Players can choose the temperature of their preference to play.

Can I Play TopGolf in the Winter?

Yes, you can easily play TopGolf in winter or any other weather. As most of these TopGolf facilities offer climate controlled hitting bays, so yes you can play Topgolf in winter.

The temperature inside of these Topgolf bays can be increased or decreased to the liking of the players.

What Skill Level Is Required for TopGolf?

There is no hard rule or requirement for any skill set for TopGolf. Whether you are a professional golfer or someone who has never touched a golf club, TopGolf can be your pick!

TopGolf is something that you can play as a beginner and have fun with, just make sure to hit your best. You can visit with your friends or family, challenge them to a swing and have the perfect fun time all together.

The microchipped balls make it convenient for you to hit any target in front of you.  TopGolf is not a competition, but a place where you can relax and have good food and drinks.

Is TopGolf Inside or Outside?

TopGolf is available indoors and outdoors as well, you can select the venue as per your preference. Most of these facilities are indoor as TopGolf is more of a virtual game.

For outdoor venues, a heater or air-conditioning is provided when needed for your comfort. To see a popular place for virtual indoor TopGolf. They are situated in New Jersey and are known to provide a great environment for TopGolf.

Can Kids Go to TopGolf at Night?

TopGolf is a family and child-friendly person, children of all ages are welcomed to play TopGolf. There is no restriction for kids to visit TopGolf at night.

Can Kids Go to TopGolf at Night?

However, at night the place might be crowded more than usual. If you can take your kids during the daytime, you should go for that.

It is also important that there is an adult present for the supervision of these kids, they cannot be left alone or unsupervised. This is to ensure that the kids are following the safety protocols such as the net, red line, etc.

Can TopGolf Help Me Improve My Golf Game?

Yes, for sure, if you are a professional looking to improve your game, TopGolf is your solution. TopGolf provides the perfect virtual environment similar to the actual golf game.

You bring your own golf gear set to play in the same manner as you would on an actual golf field. TopGolf also provides the opportunity to book lessons with them, these lessons are inclusive of a professional expert in the game.

These experts can help you to improve your ball swing and precision to the target. TopGolf can cater to all your golf game needs.

We have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding TopGolf by people.

What Is Special About TopGolf?

TopGolf is basically a driving range game, similar to that of a bowling alley. TopGolf is a sports game but does not exert you like the actual game.

You can play TopGolf by including your family and friends in these climate controlled hitting bays.

The inclusion of high-technology and tracking devices makes it extra special. You can eat, enjoy music, and relax back at a TopGolf place.

Individuals who are experts in golf or the ones that have no idea about the basics of the game, both can enjoy themselves at topgolf.

Is TopGolf Like Real Golf?

If you are a real golfer, you may not get the real feeling of playing golf and TopGolf may not offer you much. This is because the environment is mostly virtual and not like the golf ground.

At TopGolf, you can adjust the environment, however, this is not possible in an actual golf venue.

TopGolf is more of a social setting to relax and enjoy the experience than the actual golf experience. The golf balls used are limited range, unlike the actual golf balls. TopGolf may help you with the game but is not identical to it.

Is TopGolf Good for Beginners?

Yes, TopGolf is for people of all ages and expertise. If you are someone who is hearing of TopGolf for the first time and looking to try the game, you can go ahead with no hesitation but make sure to learn to hit golf balls.

The games are meant to help you relax; they provide an environment in which you can hang out with your friends.

But in this fun environment, make sure you earn more points to boost your personal experience.

If you are looking to build up your expertise, you can book the tutorial lesson that is offered by these TopGolf places. You can get a one-on-one consultation with a professional and make your game a bit better.

How Much Does It Cost to Play at TopGolf?

Topgolf is not very expensive, $25 per bay, however, the price may be different for various locations or services included. Some places do offer discounts for group bookings as well.


TopGolf is the perfect way to relax and enjoy with your friends or family, you get to enjoy a variety of drinks and food options.

You do not have to be a pro to be able to play TopGolf, people with little to no knowledge can also enjoy the game. These facilities are also child friendly; you can take your young ones too.

It is the perfect getaway that is cost-friendly and doesn’t require any special skill levels. Book and go with your group or family to be able to enjoy the game, stay safe and always take the necessary precautions!







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