NEW: Titleist Tour Soft vs AVX in 2024: Is the AVX a Good Ball?

The Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are the ones that everyone has heard of, loves, and is familiar with. They are the most popular Titleist golf balls.

This is Titleist’s hallmark product, and why many of us are familiar with the brand. It is the number one ball that is used on tour.

On the other hand, this year, they have added two new premium balls to their lineup: the Tour Soft and the AVX. The professional design elements included in each of Titleist’s flagship models make them excellent choices for players of any handicap.

Because these two Titleist golf balls are so comparable, we thought this Titleist Tour Soft vs AVX comparison is exactly what a golf enthusiast like you would need! So without further ado, let’s take a look at our competitors!

In short, the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls is a great golf ball for players who want more greens in regulation. Titleist AVX Golf Balls, on the other hand, is a great ball for players who want a long-distance off the tee.

Difference Between Titleist Tour Soft And AVX?

The following table is based on the company’s estimations of feel and other attributes. It is more important for you to have a ball that performs nicely than others.

Which of the two balls is best for you will be heavily influenced by the area of your game that you want to develop the most or whether you’d be better off with a different kind of golf ball.

FeaturesTitleist Tour SoftTitleist AVX
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Titleist AVX Golf Balls
FeelVery SoftSoft
Construction2 Piece3 Piece
Cover4CE GraftedCast Urethane
Swing SpeedUnder 90 mph90-105 mph
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Let’s take a closer look at each ball and see what sets them apart.

Titleist Tour Soft vs AVX 2024: Comparison & Review

The perfect golf ball for you depends on your preferences. In order to answer this question, a closer look at these golf balls is a must. With so many types of golf balls on the market, knowing which one is best for your game might not be easy.

We are here to help you sift through these often-technical elements of the golf ball. Thus below, we have considerably reduced these features and considerations to offer you the Ultimate Titleist Tour Soft vs AVX Comparison.

Both of these golf balls have a wide range of distinct and similar features. Like the dimples on golf balls, for example? What about the compression numbers?

Below, we’ll go through and compare the numerous golf ball features and explain what they all represent in more depth.


The Titleist Tour Soft is a golf ball with a mid-launch that may be more controllable than a ball with a higher launch angle. Most beginners prefer golf balls with a high-impact angle.

You may benefit from a higher ball flight while playing wedge strokes or drives, no matter what kind of club you’re using.

A higher ball flight may reduce distance and increase height when paired with a fast swing speed.

The most important factor is the ability of the players to command the trajectory of their balls. Decide how low you want to shoot to get a low hit. The Titleist Tour Soft is capable of doing this.

With a bit better flight profile than the Titleist Tour Soft, the AVX might provide a challenge to players with fast hands. Golfers who wish to hit the ball further may want to give the AVX a try.

On the other hand, Titleist Tour Soft offers improved performance and control. Thereby securing the victory for Titleist Tour Soft.


One of the key factors in a golf ball’s performance is how many dimples it has. More dimples mean more air resistance, which leads to a longer flight. Titleist Tour Soft golf balls have 342 dimples, but the AVX has 348 dimples.

This small difference can make a big impact on your game.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is designed for players with a moderate swing speed. It has a soft cover and provides good distance and control. The AVX golf ball is designed for players with a higher swing speed. It has a harder cover and delivers even longer distances.

If you’re looking for a golf ball that provides good distance and control, go with the Titleist Tour Soft. If you’re looking for a golf ball that delivers even longer distances, go with the AVX.


Your skill level should guide your decision about the degree of compression of the golf ball. If you are just beginning to play golf, there is a good probability that you will swing your club at a slower pace than more experienced players.

Because of this, you should experiment with a golf ball that has lower compression. In terms of an actual figure, you should go for the Tour Soft as it has a compression score of 65.

If you are more skilled and have a quicker clubhead speed, you should pick the AVX that has greater compression since this will better suit your needs. The AVX wins in this case because of its impressive compression rate of 80.


The Tour Soft and AVX are completely different golf balls in construction. The Titleist Tour Soft is a 2 piece ball with an inner core and outer cover made of ionomer.

While the AVX is a 3-piece ball, it has an outer rubber core that surrounds the softer center core, then is covered by a urethane casing.

The Tour Soft is designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds, while the AVX is designed for players with higher swing speeds. The Tour Soft is a softer ball than the AVX and it has a longer green-holding ability when hitting from long distances. It also offers maximum greenside spin.

On the other hand, the AVX is a firmer ball than the Tour Soft and it offers distance with more control when hitting from long distances. It also provides great speed off of tee shots and solid approach shots in terms of accuracy.

The Tour Soft has a soft feel, while on the other hand, the AVX has a firmer feel.

The AVX is louder and more clicky when you hit it than the Tour Soft, which is great for players that like to hear feedback on their shots. The AVX also has fewer sidespin-off miss-hits and hooks that go straighter due to its low driver spin rate.

Drive Performance

These balls all exhibited low-flight arcs, low spin, and a good distance off the tee. To our surprise, the Tour Soft ball provided more consistent distance and was simpler to line up with our shots.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Although the Tour Softballs were longer, we gained an additional 10 yards with the Titleist AVX. It’s astonishing how comparable these two balls behaved in the end.

Despite the latter being of higher quality, this speaks better of the Tour Soft than it does of the Titleist AVX.

However, the Titleist AVX balls performed better off the tee than the others.


Many golfers aim to develop their putting throughout their careers. You may have good and awful putting days. In any case, your aim determines how successfully you will perform your putting strokes.

The Titleist Tour Soft putting stroke is a touch trickier than the AVX. When it comes to putting, it is totally up to each individual golfer.

Only on-course tests can determine your best-putting performance. Many like the Tour Soft because it is more durable.

As a consequence, estimating distance is significantly simpler. It also makes it easy to see if you have ‘t haven’t hit the putter’s face in the center.

The ball is softer, and it might feel mushy at times. It’s a little mushy but not too mushy. A tough putting stroke may be deterred.

Nevertheless, this is a personal opinion, so you should try to determine whether you enjoy the softness.

Softer putting enables some players to hit the ball higher off the turf. It’s also a terrific pick for beginners. Softer balls may also be used to decrease excessive ball spin.


Thanks to their premium quality, Titleist golf balls are among the most expensive. The Titleist AVX golf ball is generally a bit more expensive than the Tour Soft.

However, there are some good deals to be found on both balls if you look around. It really just depends on what your budget is and what type of golfer you are.

If you are looking for a ball that will give you a good distance and is still affordable, the Titleist Tour Soft would be a great option.

However, if you want something that will fly even further and have a softer feel, the AVX may be a better choice for you.

Which One is Better?

This will rely on your skill level. You are much more likely to have slower club speeds if you are new to golf, requiring a golf ball with less compression. You’re searching for compressions of 70 or less.

If you are more skilled and swing the club quicker, you should choose a greater compression golf ball. Therefore both Titleist Golf Balls are great in this case.

In terms of feel, spin, and play, both the Titleist AVX and the Titleist Tour Soft golf balls have a softer feel. The AVX is a more forgiving performance ball with a lower and more consistent ball flight and less spin.

The ball’s piercing ball flight and precision around the green are both contributed to by its ultra-thin cover and bigger core.

But if we have to choose the AVX is the better option because it has almost the same features and is $10 cheaper than the Tour Soft. So if you like saving your pretty pennies, then AVX is the one to beat!

Looking for Alternatives

Because Titleist golf balls are the best in the market, there might be some occasions where you can’t get Titleist Tour Soft or the Titleist AVX.

To save you from this last-minute catastrophe, we have researched and analyzed multiple customer reviews and ratings to ensure that you get the best possible alternative to these golf balls.

Luckily, we found two almost identical matches to these Titleist Golf Balls!

Bridgestone e12 Alternative to the Titleist Tour Soft

Golfers with a middle to high handicap can appreciate the compression value of 50 on the Bridgestone e12 Soft golf balls. A 50 is an excellent middle ground in terms of range and function. There is little doubt that they lean toward the latter, though.

For those times when you need to bring the ball around a bit more, the 3-piece construction of these balls gives them an edge.

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White
  • Active Acceleration Mantle: e12 SOFT features the Active Acceleration Mantle which is comprised of a new High Performance Polymer material with added surfactant that creates increased thrust and...
  • Delta Dimple: The e12 SOFT utilizes Bridgestone’s patented Delta Wing Dimple pattern for less drag and smoother airflow when the ball is in flight. The enhanced aerodynamics increase the straight...
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • Package Dimensions : 10" L x 2" W x 6" H
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Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect to see many forward or backward spins off the tee. They can retain clubhead energy, and keeping straight lines with the Bridgestone E12 Softballs is very easy.

The E12 is certainly a great competitor to the Titleist Tour Soft as it is Bridgestone’s greatest golf ball ever made.

Bridgestone e6 Alternative to the Titleist AVX

A soft feel, almost identical to the AVX. The Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls can provide you with the precision, distance, and feel you need in your strokes. Like the Titleist balls, Bridgestone golf balls are known for their softness.

This ball is a direct rival to the AVX we could find. Renowned for being among the highest-quality golf balls available on the market.

The Bridgestone E6 softball has the softest feel. When you swing the club, the ball will shrink somewhat due to the impact.

BRIDGESTONE 2021 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen), White
  • NEW! e6 is the SOFT FEEL, LONG DISTANCE golf ball
  • MORE POWER – softer and larger core for faster compression and LONGER DISTANCE
  • MORE FEEL – a soft seamless cover for BETTER SPIN and FEEL
  • TIGER WOODS, BRYSON DeCHAMBEAU, FRED COUPLES, MATT KUCHAR AND LEXI THOMPSON Proudly represent Bridgestone Golf on international professional tours
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Some golf balls have a firm texture, often more suited to players with higher handicaps. Soft golf balls offer a much softer feel on the narrow end of the club than hard golf balls do.

This ball is best suited for golfers with a medium to high handicap searching for an inexpensive option with excellent performance and a very soft feel.

The price point is the factor where these two golf balls separate, although the Bridgestone e6 golf ball is not shy of being on the best golf balls list.

However, it does lack some edge in quality. That is why the e6 is around $30 cheaper than the Titleist AVX, which is a deal-breaker for most people!

What Ball Is Comparable to AVX?

The Callaway Chrome Soft is comparable to the AVX ball. Both are designed for a soft feel and low spin off the tee.

The Chrome Soft is a little bit more expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you want the best performance out of your golf game.

Which Ball Is Longer Pro V1 or AVX?

Titleist Pro V1 balls are longer. In fact, they are the longest golf ball on the market. Cover more distance and have a penetrating trajectory. They also offer better spin and control around the green.

Which Titleist Golf Ball Goes the Farthest?

The Velocity has a longer ball flight than the Pro V1 and will spin less on contact. It is designed for golfers who want more distance and a straighter ball flight.


Playing with the Tour Soft and AVX is going to be a blast. It’s possible that you won’t get as much of a tour-level experience with these balls as other Titleist ball does.

That’s not to say that both balls aren’t equally good. The many benefits promised by the Tour Soft have enhanced greenside spin and a longer flight path that is more penetrating. Compared to the AVX, the greenside spin of the AVX is much better.

Ending on this note, we hope that you found this Titleist Tour Soft vs AVX showdown helpful. We appreciate you for reading through and reviewing our views and opinions!







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