Golf Swing Speed Distance Calculator: Take the Game to the Next Level!

While there are hundreds of different calculators to improve your golfing game, it is often daunting to understand how each of them works.

The swing speed distance calculator is a functional calculator that enables individuals to measure their swing speed and find an estimate of the potential for their range on the course.

While the calculator does not take into account things like power and form, it assumes that you have average power and your swing style is near perfect.

Once you have measured your swing speed, you can find the ideal distance you are aiming for. Additionally, you can also use the distance you are aiming for to determine what swing speed you need.

In the game of golf swing speed is an essential part of the game. Most players will try everything to improve their swing speed and enhance the overall flow of the game.

This article aims to help you better understand how swing speed correlates with performance whilst playing the game of golf, regardless of club selection. We also show you how a swing speed calculator works.

Swing Speed Distance Calculator Tool in 2024

If you do a basic online search, you might come across a variety of calculators for golf. However, the swing speed distance calculator is one of these options that seem to grow more and more each year.

The tool will ensure you can measure exactly what your swing speed is and translates this back to the possible distance for your game.

Once you have a basic grasp of your swing speed, the formula will spew out a decent range to aim for. The range should be your target if you cannot surpass it with your current swing form.

However, those that fall short of the range might want to look at things like their form to reach the designated range given by the calculator.

Whilst many might argue that the calculator is subjective, they are correct and it does not give you the perfect range you have.

As mentioned, the swing speed distance calculator works by using estimates and determining the specific range you should be looking to reach. It is often a tool used to encourage players to improve.

How Does Swing Speed Distance Calculator Work?

You will need some additional tools to accurately measure the swing speed and ensure you reach the optimal distance efficiency.

The first thing you might need is a home tool like the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor that ensures you can measure the club head speed. This will be the speed at which you strike the golf ball.

Once you have the club speed, you can use our online calculator to assist you in determining the optimal range you are aiming for. It might be daunting for some people, but eventually, you will find an estimated range that you could aim for when playing.

It is by no means 100% accurate but could lead to incremental improvements in your game.

How To Measure Swing Speed At Home

Having access to a professional will make it much easier to use their technology to assist you in measuring your ideal swing speed at home. However, many people might want to focus on having something at home.

How To Measure Swing Speed At Home

Having a tool online that assists you in measuring the swing speed can give you an idea of which numbers to add to these calculators.

With so many different tools available online, it might be hard to find the right one. Fortunately, we have isolated some of the best tools that you could use.

The following options should be perfect for your game and we would recommend them to any player that aims to measure their swing speed effectively:

1. Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is one of the more daunting options on the market today and features a functional design that will help you understand the limits and the range of your performance.

It measures things like distance and ball speed while incorporating club speed. The smash factor is a great addition to those perfect shots.

It might be a bit expensive, but due to the easy setup, it is one of the most functional options available. You do not only have to use it indoors and it should also serve as the perfect launch monitor when you aim to use it outdoors. You might need someone to assist you in the overall setup.

2. FlightScope Mevo

Another great option you might want to consider is the FlightScope Mevo. The unit features a stunning design and it is compatible with virtually all mobile devices.

It uses a standard camera that will capture all the data like speed and can determine the distance with the help of the calculator. You will only need this monitor for your game.

While it might be expensive, you can consider this an investment in your golf game. You will only need to buy it once and this will enable you to measure all the data you need for your game regardless of how long you need to measure it.

The application comes with numerous updates that will ensure you always stay on track.

3. Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

If you want something slightly more basic, you might want to settle for the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus. It is a functional option that comes with a black and white display.

However, you don’t need to connect it to your mobile device and it will automatically send all the details of your shot performance to the handheld device included.

The voice input feature is something many people might enjoy and you won’t have to manually insert all the numbers. Keep in mind that all the formulas have already been included to ensure you can easily calculate the functionality.

Should I Buy A Swing Speed Measurement Tool?

While it is not mandatory that you have to buy one, it is certainly useful for your game. You will notice that your game can significantly improve once you have the data needed to make improvements and change the performance.

While using the online calculator is helpful, we will certainly recommend that you consider one of these tools.

There are numerous professional players like Rory McIlroy that often use these tools when they are casually playing and they gain a better grasp of their overall performance to make the changes need to win a PGA Tour.

How To Improve Golf Swing Speed and Distance

Once you understand that golf is a game related to swing speed and swing speed can enable you to better perform or increase your distance, you will want to put to increase your swing speed and distance.

We have found a couple of tips that will ensure you can make these changes and these tips are recommended by the experts.

Improve Physical Fitness

One of the first things you might want to focus on is improving your overall physical fitness.

Once you get a better grasp of your fitness and increase the power in your arms, you will naturally notice an improvement in your overall swing speed. By increasing your strength, the club speed can improve more rapidly.

Rotation Of The Swing

When you come down with your golf club, it is all about rotation and rotating the club through the line to make contact with the golf ball. Most of this comes from the hips and you want to improve the overall rotation of your body when playing the shot.

Golf is all about different degrees and the optimal angle will be rotating your upper body a full 90 degrees, while your hips are only rotating a slight 45 degrees.

The closer you are to perfectly finding these angles, the more consistent you will be, which means you can eventually add more power to the shots.

Club Fitting

If you simply buy golf clubs online or without having the right measurements, you might not have the perfect swing angles. The idea of club fitting is to have an expert assist you in determining the length of the club for your shot and style.

Having perfect-fitting golf clubs will not only allow you to get the optimal rotation you are aiming for but will also enable you to have the optimal power coming through the shots.

You will notice that golfers often switch out different shafts until they find the club length that suits them the best.

Speed Training Tools

Back in the day, you only had your golf club and this was the only tool that could help you improve the swing speed and form of your game.

Nowadays, we have access to numerous tools like online calculators and other tools that enable you to improve the quality of your golf swing.

Tools like the SuperSpeed Swing Speed Training System are functional and will offer you different weighted shafts to practice with.

Not only does it help you better understand which golf club is ideal for you, but it enables you to practice your swing. We would recommend this tool as part of your arsenal when playing.

Professional Training

Finally, professional training might be the most expensive route you can choose, but having physical human input from a professional is unrivaled. Once you have someone keeping an eye on your game, you could have them notice some of the minor errors you are making.

It can cost you upwards of $200 for a lesson if you have a real professional, but this will pay off. The advice, tips, and skills you learn can be hard to learn from any other form of assistance, but the human touch is always something that works.

Using the swing style of a professional like Ben Hogan can enable you to be one of the best players in the world. We have done extensive research to find the exact style and technique used by the legendary player.

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Why Is My Golf Swing Speed So Slow?

As an amateur, your swing speed will often be low. The more you improve, the faster your swing speed will become and it can take years of practice to see significant increases.

One major reason you have a slow swing speed is not having the ideal clubs for your technique or if your clubs are too heavy or too long.

Incorrect form and technique will be another determining factor and we always recommend that you focus on improving your technique before anything else.

Once you master the technique of a golf swing, you can significantly improve a variety of factors and ensure that your game is that much more advanced.

Keep in mind that launch angle, the type of golf ball you use, and ball position can have an effect on the average club head speed. Without the right technique, you could even lose distance, especially if the golf ball travels in a wicked direction.

How Seniors Can Increase Swing Speed

While seniors might lack the mobility that many of us have, they can still improve their swing speed. The first option would be to improve overall flexibility.

How Seniors Can Increase Swing Speed

If you refer back to the angles we mentioned, you will understand that reaching a 45-degree turn is important with your hips. Doing hip exercises could improve overall flexibility.

Another great tip would be using lighter clubs. If the clubs are too heavy, you might have a hard time with the upswing. However, lighter clubs are easier to manage and you can have more comfort while playing.

You will notice many older professionals have moved to lighter clubs that are more comfortable with certain swing styles.

How To Get 120 MPH Swing Speed

Much like some of the other tips we have mentioned, you will notice that many of them apply when you want to break through the 120 MPH swing speed.

Players like Jordan Spieth might not seem like they have a fast golf swing, but when you use a tracker, you can even see him with a speed close to 120 MPH.

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen from players is believing that you actively need to force the swing to increase the swing speed.

The problem with forcing this is that you would want won’t want to sacrifice performance for swing speed and you should do everything in the most controlled manner possible. Here are a few tips you could use:

  • Knowing Your Current Speed: The first thing you need to do is know your current speed and focus on what you can currently do. Once you understand what you are capable of, you can easily work to improve this.
  • Improved Strength: We have already mentioned this in detail, but getting into the gym can be beneficial and you can significantly improve your strength, which should allow you to improve your swing speed.
  • Experiment With Grip Changes: One thing that many people neglect is the importance of different grips and grip styles. You can do some research and find some of the best grip positions for your hands. This will help you to experiment and find the one that suits you the best.

While these are only three of the factors you can use, they can make a significant change in your game.

Once you master some of these different techniques and learn to incorporate performance-enhancing tips, you will notice a significant increase in the overall distance of your shot. This will mostly be due to the increase in overall swing speed.

How To Increase Club Head Speed By 10 MPH

The club head speed is responsible for most of the distance and you want to reach the maximum speed level before making contact with the golf ball.

Having optimal speed on impact means the ball will be hit with the maximum level of force needed to propel it as far as possible down the golf course.

You should start improving your golf club speed in small increments. These include things like jumping up by 5 or 10 MPH each time you are practicing.

Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can add each one of these tips and find that once you master the tip, your club speed will increase slightly. By combining all of them you could even exceed an increase of 10 MPH.

How To Increase Swing Speed With Irons

Irons are slightly different from your driver and technique is much more important. A bad swing from your driver could still result in a good distance.

However, the clubface from your irons is slightly smaller and this means that you cannot make as many mistakes with them. Irons are built to the specifications of a player.

Even if you use the tips for improving swing speed, you still need to make sure you have the perfect golf clubs. It is an essential part of the performance to make sure your clubs are the right length.

Once the sizing is figured out, the only thing you have to do is repeat to ensure that can get used to the shots and improve your game.

By now, you should have a general idea of how a golf swing works and what you can do to improve your game. However, there are still a few common questions from the web that we have noticed from beginners.

The following questions are common, and we believe you should have a look at these answers to perhaps make changes to your game.

How Far Does a 90 mph Swing Speed Go?

Once again, you will need to consider various factors that include the technique and the club you are using.

However, assuming you are using a traditional driver, you should be looking at around 235-yards with a 90 MPH swing speed.

Keep in mind that using irons might not give you the same distance and you have to use a calculator to determine the actual distance. A golf club distance chart will be your best bet.

We always emphasize technique and more swing speed does not always equal more total distance. You could often rely on the carry distances to improve driving range.

Your local driving range is the best place for an amateur golfer to hit some golf balls and improve performance.

What Percentage of Golfers Can Break 85?

As a more advanced player, you can consider yourself a mid-handicapper if you can consistently shoot below 90 on the golf course.

With the research we have done, we have found that only 26% of all golfers around the world can break 90. The number drops significantly as we go lower, with only 17% of all golfers being consistently around the 80 mark.

What Is My Swing Speed If I Hit a 7 Iron 150-Yards?

Since various factors like your technique play an important role, it is hard to directly determine the swing speed from yardage alone. However, using the stats from the PGA tour, we can deduct the speeds from the professional players.

To achieve 150 yards with your 7-iron, you would need a swing speed that is close to 78.5 MPH. A golf club distance calculator is a great addition to help distinguish between swing speeds and carry distance.

As mentioned, various factors like your technique and style will also play an important role to help you increase the yardage. Many of our stats are based on average golf club distances and the average golf swing speed of professional players.

Wrap Up

Improving your golf swing speed is vital when you are looking to improve distance and eventually your golf handicap. The more distance you get from shots, the closer you can land to the green.

Playing shorter shots is easier when it comes to accuracy and we would recommend improving your swing speed significantly. Let us know in the comment section how you went about improving your swing speed and if we have missed any other tips you use.

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