(PDF) Printable Golf Club Distance Chart 2024: Skill, Cheat Sheet

Do you know how far away each of your golf clubs should be struck? What is the distance between each of your golf clubs on the course?

These are some of the most often-asked questions by those who are new to golf. However, the only entirely true response is: It depends.

The answer is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including the clubs you are using, the balls you are using, and the conditions in which you are playing (hard or soft fairway?

Is it blowing, or is it calm? Your gender and age, your physical condition, coordination, and agility, swing speed, how firmly you are connecting with the ball, and so on are all taken into consideration, as well as the weather (hot or cold). Humid or dry?

What Is the Distance for Golf Clubs?

For those of you who are fresh to golf, you are almost certain to have pondered how far you should really be striking the ball in comparison to the typical golf club distance.

The answer to this question might change depending on where you look since it can rely on a variety of different factors.

The most common of these are the clubs you are playing with, the balls you use, and the environments of play (soft or hard fairway).

Also other subjective personal characteristics such as your age, gender, coordination, athletic ability, as well as your swing pace as well as how you could really interact with the ball, among other things.

What Is the Distance for Golf Clubs

If you put in the time and effort to perfect your technique, you could even be able to hit the ball 300 yards like a pro. In the beginning, we’ll talk about why there is such a large difference in distance between pictures. 

Then we’ll show you exactly what kind of range you can expect to hit with your shot by demonstrating it. The golf club distance chart, which will enable you to check the predicted tee shots for every club in your arsenal, will also be provided.

Golf Club Distance Guide

When it comes to golf, distance is everything. Achieving greater distance off the tee and consistent yardage gaps between the other of your clubs is something that we strive for as golfers every day.

Here, we’ll break down how far golfers of all skill sets and stroke speeds hit each of their clubs, so you can get a sense of where you stand in relation to the competition.

We’ve also added average carry distances from the PGA and LPGA tours so you can see how you stack up against the professionals. The most effective method is to go to a golf course with distance markings and work your way through your clubs, striking 10 balls with every club as you go.

Golf Club Distance Guide

After you’ve hit 10 balls with a certain club, examine the pattern as to where the balls have fallen and select a shot that is in the center of the pattern to measure the distance between it and the rest of the balls. Carry out this procedure for each club.

A more convenient method is to utilize your own club distance calculators. If you prefer, you may look at our table of estimated club distances, which is included below.

This guide will provide you with some information on the importance of knowing the average distance for each club in your bag, as well as how to calculate it.

Golf Club Distance Chart (Yards and Meters)

The distance chart provided here will help you get a better understanding of your stroke and the distances you travel with your clubs in hand in yards and meters.

Elevation changes and forces all play a role in the game of golf. According to popular belief, a single golf shot will never be identical to another. It is necessary to get familiar with each club and grasp their potential and performance in relation to your style and swing. 

This takes time and practice. It will take some time and effort to do this. Other elements, such as the kind of ball used, the state of the course, and the weather, especially the feared wind, will all have an influence on how far the ball will go.

Hopefully, by examining the charts below, you will be able to obtain some information that will be useful to you in some manner throughout your game.

ClubIn YardsIn Meters
Driver230 Yds210 M
3-Wood210 Yds192 M
5-Wood195 Yds178 M
7-Wood175 Yds160 M
Hybrid180 Yds165 M
2-Iron190 Yds174 M
3-Iron180 Yds165 M
4-Iron170 Yds155 M
5-Iron160 Yds146 M
6-Iron150 Yds137 M
7-Iron140 Yds128 M
8-Iron130 Yds119 M
9-Iron120 Yds110 M
PW110 Yds101 M
SW90 Yds82 M

Beginners Golf Club Distance Chart (Yards & Meters)

Below, the distance chart illustrates the usual yardages that a beginning golfer might anticipate hitting.

To help you get started with the game, we recommend making a copy of this chart and attaching it to your bag or carrying it in your pocket.

Your experience on the golf course will be more pleasurable if you are able to make better decisions about which golf club to use and when to use it.

ClubMen’s (Yds)Men’s (M)Women’s (Yds)Women’s (M)
Driver190 Yards174 Meters150 Yards137 Meters
3-Wood170 Yards155 Meters125 Yards114 Meters
5-Wood150 Yards137 Meters110 Yards101 Meters
7-Wood125 Yards114 Meters100 Yards91 Meters
Hybrid145 Yards133 Meters105 Yards96 Meters
2-Iron145 Yards133 Meters105 Yards96 Meters
3-Iron135 Yards123 Meters100 Yards91 Meters
4-Iron125 Yards114 Meters90 Yards82 Meters
5-Iron120 Yards110 Meters80 Yards73 Meters
6-Iron115 Yards105 Meters70 Yards64 Meters
7-Iron105 Yards96 Meters65 Yards60 Meters
8-Iron95 Yards87 Meters60 Yards55 Meters
9-Iron80 Yards73 Meters55 Yards50 Meters
PW70 Yards64 Meters50 Yards46 Meters
SW55 Yards50 Meters40 Yards37 Meters

Golf Club Distances Cheat Sheet

All of the stats are approximate estimates of the clubs that were used to strike the ball. It fluctuates based on a variety of characteristics, including your gender, height, and degree of fitness.

It also depends on the kind of ball you are using, your swing speed, and, of course, how well you hit the ball itself. 

The table below shows the range of distances between clubs for various kinds of players. Looking at the table below will help you determine your skill level and what you could do to improve your shots.

ClubBeginnerAveragePGA TOUR
Driver190 Yards230 Yards300 Yards
3-Wood170 Yards210 Yards260 Yards
5-Wood150 Yards195 Yards235 Yards
7-Wood125 Yards175 Yards205 Yards
Hybrid145 Yards180 Yards200 Yards
2-Iron145 Yards190 Yards210 Yards
3-Iron135 Yards180 Yards200 Yards
4-Iron125 Yards170 Yards185 Yards
5-Iron120 Yards160 Yards170 Yards
6-Iron115 Yards150 Yards165 Yards
7-Iron105 Yards140 Yards150 Yards
8-Iron95 Yards130 Yards145 Yards
9-Iron80 Yards120 Yards130 Yards
Pitching Wedge70 Yards110 Yards120 Yards
Sand Wedge55 Yards90 Yards100 Yards

Distance Chart for the Average Golfer

In this chart, an average distance for every club is shown for males based on their respective swing patterns. These values may vary depending on the player’s skill level, stroke parameters, and other aspects.

ClubMen’s AverageWomen’s Average
Driver230 Yards180 Yards
3-Wood210 Yards175 Yards
5-Wood195 Yards170 Yards
7-Wood175 Yards125 Yards
Hybrid180 Yards135 Yards
2-Iron190 Yards165 Yards
3-Iron180 Yards155 Yards
4-Iron170 Yards140 Yards
5-Iron160 Yards135 Yards
6-Iron150 Yards125 Yards
7-Iron140 Yards110 Yards
8-Iron130 Yards100 Yards
9-Iron120 Yards105 Yards
Pitching Wedge110 Yards80 Yards
Sand Wedge90 Yards60 Yards

Ladies Golf Club Distance Chart (Beginner and PGA)

While there is a plethora of useful information on golf club distances and statistics available for our male counterparts, we have found it difficult to get similar data for female golfers, particularly in distance games.

The chart below will illustrate the beginner, average, and PGA tour distance chart for women.

ClubBeginnerAveragePGA TOUR
Driver150 Yards180 Yards210 Yards
3-Wood125 Yards175 Yards200 Yards
5-Wood110 Yards170 Yards195 Yards
7-Wood100 Yards125 Yards160 Yards
Hybrid105 Yards135 Yards170 Yards
2-Iron105 Yards165 Yards190 Yards
3-Iron100 Yards155 Yards180 Yards
4-Iron90 Yards140 Yards170 Yards
5-Iron80 Yards135 Yards170 Yards
6-Iron70 Yards125 Yards160 Yards
7-Iron65 Yards110 Yards140 Yards
8-Iron60 Yards105 Yards130 Yards
9-Iron55 Yards90 Yards100 Yards
Pitching Wedge50 Yards80 Yards95 Yards
Sand Wedge40 Yards60 Yards75 Yards

Senior Golf Club Distance Chart (Average)

When you reach the age of fifty, you are considered a senior member of the professional community. According to research, you will notice that this is the age at which your driving distance starts to decline at an alarmingly quick rate.

On the other hand, some professional golfers seem to be making steady progress in their games.

According to statistical statistics, the average striking distance for golfers of all ages is around 218 yards on average. Men under the age of 30 hold the longest shot, which measures around 239 yards.

Senior Golf Club Distance Chart

We are all aware that yardages decrease with age and that this is a sad reality. According to current estimates, you should expect a loss of around 10 yards in your yard every ten years.

According to these figures, our calculations indicate that the average driving range for a senior golfer will be between 196 and 211 yards on the course.

When one gets older, one’s swing speeds decrease as well, which has an impact on the amount of ground covered. In order to establish the average distance, we used the ages of 50 to any age more than 60 years old, inclusive.

ClubSenior’s Average
Driver196 Yards
3-Wood173 Yards
5-Wood164 Yards
7-Wood153 Yards
Hybrid160 Yards
2-Iron156 Yards
3-Iron151 Yards
4-Iron145 Yards
5-Iron138 Yards
6-Iron130 Yards
7-Iron123 Yards
8-Iron114 Yards
9-Iron105 Yards
Pitching Wedge97 Yards
Sand Wedge82 Yards

Distances Chart for PGA Tour Players

It’s possible that you’ve seen the PGA Tour on TV and been taken aback by how far the professionals are hitting the ball as compared to yourself or other members of your golf course or driving range.

When compared to Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Cameron Champ the typical PGA Tour golfer does not hit their driver as far as they should.

But they still hit the ball further than the majority of you, even the short knockers, such as the people who have trouble driving the ball 270 yards.

The distance that PGA Tour professionals hit the golf ball with every club in their bag, on the other hand, is not a precise science. A unique swing, an angle, a varied swing speed, and other characteristics distinguish one player from the other.

PGA Tour Golf Club Distance Chart

As a result, we wanted to offer you a sense of just how far is far as well as how short is short in the world of PGA Tour athletes.

PGA Tour players’ average distances with their driver, irons, and wedges will be shown in the following chart as we walk you through their bags one club at a time.

Note that these are average statistics that do not take into consideration unique late-in-the-tournament scenarios when a player may be especially pumped up on adrenaline and hit the ball farther than usual.

Driver300 Yards
3-Wood270 Yards
5-Wood245 Yards
7-Wood210 Yards
Hybrid200 Yards
2-Iron210 Yards
3-Iron200 Yards
4-Iron185 Yards
5-Iron170 Yards
6-Iron165 Yards
7-Iron150 Yards
8-Iron145 Yards
9-Iron130 Yards
Pitching Wedge120 Yards
Sand Wedge100 Yards

Golf Club Distance Chart for LPGA Tour Players

The average driving distance for LPGA tour players is between 10% and 20% shorter than for PGA tour players.

The table below details not just the average drive distance, but as well as the distance between each of the LPGA tour clubs.

ClubLPGA Average
Driver252 Yards
3-Wood206 Yards
5-Wood200 Yards
7-Wood195 Yards
Hybrid182 Yards
2-Iron175 Yards
3-Iron180 Yards
4-Iron176 Yards
5-Iron167 Yards
6-Iron158 Yards
7-Iron148 Yards
8-Iron137 Yards
9-Iron126 Yards
Pitching Wedge114 Yards
Sand Wedge95 Yards

Golf Club Distance Chart By Swing Speed

Consider the speed with which you make your golf swing while determining your golf driving distance.

Golfers know that swing speed is quite significant when it comes to the distance that they can strike a golf ball with a club. Acquiring a high clubhead speed is not one that can be mastered quickly and will need much effort and driving range time.

There are a variety of golf exercises that you may use to enhance your improved clubhead speed and achieve your goal.

Golf Club Distance Chart By Swing Speed

We can determine exactly what swing speed in golf is, why this is essential, and what are the ideal techniques to boost clubhead speed so that you can be on your way to hitting longer shots as quickly as possible.

Bryson DeChambeau Club Distance Chart

Because of the dedication, Bryson DeChambeau has put into his health and workout regimen, it is no surprise that he has been able to significantly increase the distance with which he can strike the golf ball in recent years.

He is said to be able to hit his 7 iron 205 yards, which is far further than the majority of normal golfers can hit their drivers!

Bryson DeChambeau Club Distance Chart

Observe the chart under to see how far hitting from the tee has come on the PGA Tour in the past 20 years, then you’ll see how far it has come in the last 20 years. Bryson DeChambeau is now the farthest hitter on the PGA Tour in terms of driving distance.

ClubBryson DeChambeau
Driver325 Yards
3-Wood295 Yards
4-Iron255 Yards
5-Iron235 Yards
6-Iron220 Yards
7-Iron205 Yards
8-Iron190 Yards
9-Iron175 Yards
Pitching Wedge160 Yards
Sand Wedge110 Yards

Printable Golf Club Distance Chart (PDF)

Starting with beginners and progressing all the way up to professionals on the PGA Tour, this golf distance chart illustrates the variances. Where do your yardages stand in relation to those of the pros?

Download the Chart through the following link: Distance Chart.pdf

How Can I Increase the Speed of My Club in Golf?

Golfers are obsessed with distance. Swing speed is really important in golf. In order to smash their driver farther and compress their irons more, 99.9 percent of all golfers seek to improve.

The speed of the club head is one of the most important aspects of both. In general, the quicker the club head is moving during contact, the farther the ball will go away from the club head.

It is the transfer of energy from the clubhead to the golf ball that causes it to travel.

What Is Considered a Good Golf Drive Distance in Terms of Distance Traveled?

Driven a golf ball 220 yards or further is a decent distance, and it puts you in the top 25 percent of all golfers in the world.

When a golf ball travels 220 yards, it is significantly farther than an average casual golfer’s usual distance of 195 to 205 yards.

My AVERAGE Yardage For EVERY Club In My Golf Bag | GM GOLF


Charts with averages do not provide a complete picture because there are so many other factors to take into consideration; therefore, use them only as a starting point.

What it does is highlight the significant distinctions that exist between the major sports teams.

You’ll have to figure out what your personal average is for your swing and style, as well as with your specific clubs.

However, the yards saved and superior lies will still have a favorable influence on your overall outcomes.








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