Net Double Bogey Calculator 2024: What Is Maximum Hole Score?

Golf is a game that is played and loved by many around the world. It is a game that is mostly played at a large outdoor place or golf course, however, there are various indoor golf areas available now to play this game.

It is very important that as a golfer all your equipment such as a golf club, ball, and gloves are of top quality. Similar to any game, practicing and continuing to play the game can lead to being a good player of golf.

Golfers use a handicap system to rank their games. This handicap system is used for admission to various clubs and competitions for golfers. It is very important that you have knowledge of this handicap system and all the terms associated with it.

One such category of handicap system is the net double bogey, the allowed highest score a golf player is able to hold.

Moreover, you will find about handicap index, hole score, adjustment, track, and handicapping to name a few in this content to take your game to the next level and get an edge over your competition.

This article will give you all details on how the net double bogey system works and how you can calculate it easily.

What is Net Double Bogey?

Net double bogey is the allowed maximum score that a golf player can hold, due to handicap purposes. A golf handicap is the measure of the ability of a golf player, it is used for comparison purposes of one player to another.

In other words, a net double bogey is a score on a golf hole, the precise number of which varies on the particular hole and the golfer playing that particular hole.

This is the new measure to calculate the maximum score for golf handicaps that replaced the previous Equitable Stroke Control (ESC), as directed by World Handicap System.

How Do You Calculate Net Double Bogey?

Calculating a net double bogey is very essential if you are a golf player. The net double bogey is calculated using a formula.

The formula is as such, the net double bogey, firstly, we take the rating of the hole’s par then add the two strokes. Lastly, the digit of handicap strokes obtained on that hole is added to get the net double value.

The net double bogey plays a vital role when playing golf. This serves as a method of maximum score golf handicap for players. With these, the players know what their maximum score is and what is the limitation for scoring.

Net Double Bogey Calculator

To calculate the net double bogey, there are various calculators available. But first, let’s see how the formula for the calculation of net double bogey works.

To calculate the net double bogey, firstly, we take the rating of the hole’s par and then add the two strokes. Lastly, the digit of handicap strokes obtained on that hole is added to get the net double value.

On these online calculators, you simply have to put your par of the hole and the number of strokes received.

Net Double Bogey Example

Net double bogey is equal to par for the hole with two added strokes (double bogey) and any permitted handicap shots. To get a better understanding of what a net double bogey is we shall show you an example.

Net Double Bogey Example

This is as the par is 4 and 2 strokes of the double bogey are added, lastly a stroke for the handicap is included.

How Does Net Double Bogey Work?

The highest possible hole score for handicap purposes is a Net Double Bogey. Usually, the process is used after the round but before a score is posted. Gross double bogeys are always two strokes over par for the hole.

Therefore, a gross double bogey on a par 3 is worth 5, on a par 4, it’s worth 6, and on a par 5, it’s worth 7.

These scores plus any handicap strokes that you’re playing handicap awards you on a hole equal a net double bogey. You would record your most likely score if you discovered a hole before reaching Net Double Bogey, provided it did not go over your net double Bogey cap.

What Is a Net Double Bogey on a Par 5?

A net double bogey on a par 5 is when; you score no handicap strokes for that particular hole and your score is 7.

Similarly, if you get a single stroke and score 8, with two handicap strokes your score would be nine. And lastly, if you get three strokes for handicap and score 10.

Do You Count a Triple Bogey for Handicap?

Yes, a triple bogey is counted for the handicap of a golf player. However, be aware that it is the bottom line for handicap calculation.

What Is Net Bogey?

Net bogey which is actually the net double bogey is the allowed maximum limit for the score of a hole when playing the game. This limit is in place due to handicap purposes.

What Score Is Double Bogey Golf?

A golfer who scores two strokes over par on a hole is said to have made a double bogey. In order to recover, you basically need to shoot two holes at 1-under par or two holes at 2-under par.

How Do You Calculate Net Double Bogey?

To calculate a net double bogey in golf we simply take the ratings of the hole’s par followed by adding two strokes, lastly, the number of handicaps scored on that stroke is added.

How Many Strokes Can I Take with My Handicap?

To check the number of strokes you will have to take two strokes on each hole in the handicap line and number them as 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the other hole. Furthermore, let’s suppose you have 36 strokes available, you will use 2 strokes per hole only.

How Is the Golf Differential Score Calculated?

The difference between a player’s adjusted gross score and the course’s USGA Course Rating is multiplied by 113, divided by the course’s USGA Slope Rating, and rounded to the nearest decimal point to determine the golf differential.

What Is a Golf Score Differential?

The difference between the golfer’s adjusted gross score and the USGA’s course rating for the course where the score was made is known as the handicap differential, according to the USGA’s official website.

The golf handicap differential calculator is then used to determine this difference using a specific formula.

How Is the Score Difference Calculated?

Adjusted gross score, course rating, and slope rating are necessary in order to determine the handicap differential. The difference is calculated as:

Gross Adjusted Score – Course Rating multiplied by 113/Rating of Slope is the handicap differential.

What Is a Good Swing Weight for Irons?

The swing weight of irons fluctuates between D2 and D5 for the maximum number of players. Athletes like Dustin Johnson perform at high speed between D5 and D6. The D3-D4 range represents players with more typical tour club head speeds.

What Should My Golf Club Swing Weight Be?

There are two categories to weigh a swing i.e lightest and heaviest. The lightest is ‘A0’ and the heaviest is ‘F9’. The male golf club that’s chosen off the rack will probably range from D0 to D2. Women’s golf club fluctuates between C5 AND C7.

What Is the Swing Weight for Senior Golfers?

The ideal weight for a senior is between C8 and D1 and the shaft should weigh 55-66 grams. 2-4 degrees of the hook must be followed by seniors or consider an offset driver to minimize slicing. The loft should be 12–13 degrees or greater.


In conclusion, a net double bogey is very essential when it comes to the calculation of your golf handicap. In short, it is the maximum limit that a player can score due to handicap calculations.

Golf players can calculate their net double bogey simply by following the formula given in the article.

There are various calculators available online for free, you simply have to insert your score and get your net double bogey. We hope you can enjoy playing your golf game always!

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