Free Golf Handicap Calculator 2024 (Simple, Easy and 9 Hole)

Golf calculators have been making an upward trend in the world of golf and with their unique formulas, players can micro-manage their games effectively.

The best free golf handicap calculator for 18 and 9 holes tends to give you an idea of how you compare to some of the elite players in the world.

While the understanding of these calculators is still limited, many people are trying to improve their games by any means necessary.

An easy free golf handicap calculator for 9 holes might not seem useful, but once you extrapolate the numbers, it could directly tie into your standard handicap. Many players have also seen a golf handicap improvement.

It can be a daunting prospect to understand the golf handicap, but the research is already done. With so many people willing to go into depth about them, we have found some useful information about each calculator that could help you.

This article aims to give you a concise idea of how these handicap calculators work.

Best Free Golf Handicap Calculator – 18 And 9 Holes

Many people are used to the traditional 18-hole golf handicap calculator. With this calculator, you have all the information readily available.

You will input your 18-hole golf score, take the course rating and integrate the slope rating to compare how you rank against par. Doing this with three different courses will give you your standard golf handicap.

If determining a 9-hole golf handicap, type in the 9-hole adjusted gross score (rounded to one decimal). Next type in the 9-hole course rating and 9-hole slope rating.

While it is simple to use a golf handicap calculator, you can use the formula we already have on hand, you might be wondering if these calculators are effective.

We will explore some of the intricacies and what the governing bodies think of using the 9-hole and 18-hole calculators for golf.

Difference Between a 9 Hole and 18 Hole Handicap

Once you sign up on some of the playing apps, you would find that you have the option of adding your 9-hole or 18-hole course handicap to the scorecard.

Many players prefer the 18-hole handicap, but some might not play enough rounds. If you want to use the 9-hole handicap, you must understand the differences.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to play 18-holes when they visit the golf course, and the modern lifestyle many people keep them busy. For this reason, some players choose only to play 9-holes.

Easy Golf Handicap Calculator

To accommodate these busy players, the USGA eventually adopted the 9-hole golf handicap calculator, instead of forcing players to combine their scores. The denomination is referred to as 12N or 12.2N if we are to be more precise.

For instance, a player with a 9N on a 9-hole game with being given 3 shots, while the player with an 18-hole course handicap will have 6 shots.

While you might think that there is a significant difference between the two, it is not that different. Calculating the 9-hole handicap is the same as the standard handicap, you simply have to reduce everything by half.

Most modern golf courses already have the slope rating and course rating to be used for 9-holes on the scorecard.

How Does A 9 Hole Compare To An 18 Hole Handicap

It might seem weirdly funny that 9-hole players and 18-hole players are not that different in terms of handicap.

For a 9-hole player, the formula is simple and they simply have to double their golf handicaps to find the golf handicap they are playing at on 18-holes.

One thing we should mention is that there are a few inaccuracies and often a player who doubles their 9-hole handicap plays far better than the handicap would suggest.

You could easily see these players significantly play above the level their handicap suggests they should and this is something to keep in mind.

Which Handicap Calculator Is Better?

Here is where the main question comes in from many of the experts and some wonder whether the 18-hole or 9-hole handicap is the best to go by. If you search on the internet, you might find numerous sets of players and professionals continuing to argue which one is the overall best.

Which Handicap Calculator Is Better?

If we take a closer look at the 9-hole handicap, it refers to the number of shots you played on half the course.

However, the inaccuracy is that it assumes you would have played the same number of shots on both halves of the course, which is not true. Various factors impact the number of shots players can play on any set day.

Here are a few:

  • Bad Days: You might simply have a bad day that influences your game significantly and the course slope.
  • Conditions: Things like the wind could destroy or significantly improve your golf handicap.
  • Difficulty: Not all courses have the same difficulty and might have more difficult shots on certain holes.
  • Fatigue: The one thing these calculators assume is that you will remain consistent. However, many players suffer from fatigue, which hurts their performance.

You could even argue that there are many more factors but these are some of the basics and they could have a big impact on your handicap.

As mentioned, the numbers might suggest a player with an 8 handicap on a 9-hole game might have a 16 handicap on the 18-hole match.

However, we have seen that players rarely have this to the tee and in most cases, the 18-hole handicap score is much better.

When using a golf handicap calculator, the idea to calculate my golf handicap for free seems impossible. However, there are many top online golf calculators, including the one we have incorporated.

It is essential to make sure that aside from the points mentioned earlier, you take the USGA handicap calculation into consideration.

How To Calculate The Single Round Handicap Score

If you are calculating your single-round handicap score, you will need a little bit of information about the rounds you are playing and the course. While our calculator will show you which information you need, the following are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Score: You will need to have the overall score you played on the course, be it a 9-hole or 18-hole round.
  • Course Rating: The course rating is an indication of how tough the course is and the score is often sound on the official scorecard.
  • Slope Rating: Finally, the slope rating is the final part of the puzzle that you will need to determine the score.

Once you have all these numbers, you would be able to insert them into our calculator and it will spit out the single-round score for your game. You can use this to determine your course score, which should give you an indication of how you performed.

Why You Should Use A Free Handicap Calculator

Submitting your scores to the relevant authorities can take plenty of time. These officials need to comb through all the different scores, which makes it take far longer. The online calculators are based on the original.

The only difference is that they have not been officially certified by one of the top golf bodies in the world. Here are a few of the benefits of an online golf handicap calculator:

  • Faster or immediate calculations
  • No waiting
  • 100% accurate data
  • Allows for 9-hole and 18-hole calculations
  • Easy metrics to understand

When you have your golf handicap from one of these online calculators, you can readily add it to your data. It could help you determine where your mistakes are.

Additionally, you might be able to enter additional amateur competitions, which makes a big difference when it comes to reaching your ultimate goal of being a professional golfer.

Single Round Golf Handicap Calculator: Simple & Easy

A single round of golf is often not enough to help you calculate your handicap. There are various reasons for this, including luck and conditions. It could even be that you are new to the game and your first round could be complete garbage.

Only as you become more at one with the game and understand it better, you will want to delve into the handicaps.

Simple Golf Handicap Calculator

However, you might want to calculate your handicap for a single round and this could be great if you are only playing a set course once in your life.

Our handicap calculator should enable you to calculate the score in a single round. Keep in mind that official calculations and certifications are often dependent on the USGA or your local golfing governing body.

How The USGA Will Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Calculating your golf handicap is easy with numerous online calculators and you will only need your score and the course rating to make it easier.

However, the USGA is the centralized body that governs most of the stats and will use their scores to make up the handicap you are playing it with.

The most important thing you need to know is that the body uses three 18-hole scores from various rounds. These scores compound and they take the average to get to your rating.

Keep in mind that you can either send them 3 18-hole scorecards, or it can be made up of 9-hole scores as well. However, you will need to submit 6 scores, including the slope rating and course rating to determine your handicap index.

Many people choose to submit a combination of the different scores. However, you will need to make sure that it totals 72-holes being played to determine the adjusted gross score for your golf handicaps.

The easy golf handicap calculator for 9 holes will be useful for many players. When using the World handicap system, you can easily figure out what the handicap will be even before submitting your scores.

Each easy golf handicap calculator is designed to make life easier for you without waiting for an official golf body.

Calculating Your Handicap On A Specific Golf Course

A single-round golf course handicap refers to one complete round of golf played. Essentially, it boils down to the 18 holes on a golf course and this will not only give you the single-round score but also your course rating.

While one round might not be enough, it could give you a general idea of how you are performing on a specific course.

Our calculator enables you to calculate a standard handicap that you have played on a single course, be it for an 18-hole game or a 9-hole game.

The calculator is accurate and once you get to understand how it could improve your game, you could calculate your handicap for different courses. One of the best things you could do is to play on different courses and submit the different scores you play.

When you combine this with the course rating, you will have a general idea of how the particular course you are playing or have to play next will affect your game. You could also use it to understand your handicap allowance.

Once you have three scores, you could send them to the USGA and they will help you calculate your official handicap differential.

Many competitions will require the 9-hole or 18-hole handicap with a course rating before admitting you to play in certain competitions.

Free Golf Handicap Calculator Excel Sheet

Understanding the golf calculator can often be daunting. However, using an Excel spreadsheet can help you quickly determine some information about your golfing game.

Once you have the scores, you can use the sheet to see how some of these calculations are performed. The excel sheet will be effective for single-tee and multi-tee games.

Download: Handicap Calculator Excel

Using Excel With Different Games

The great thing about our calculator is that all your different games can also be integrated with the excel spreadsheet. With the excel sheet, you can use the handicap for games like the best ball, match play, greensomes, and Texas scramble.

Instead of having to calculate different scores, the excel sheet will help you quickly navigate down the scores and find the handicap you are looking for. You can print the file and use the printed file to show your mates to determine their scores as well.

How Accurate Are Our Handicap Sheets?

The handicap sheet might be inaccurate in some situations. Keep in mind that it is based on normal factors that should affect your game. However, the USGA makes use of 3 18-hole scores that gives you a better indication.

Fortunately, or excel sheet will enable you to get a general idea of how you will be performing.

A golf handicap is an important part of the game and once you gain a decent understanding of how they work, you can easily use them to your advantage, to help improve your game.

While our handicaps will help you make improvements, there are a few questions that many people might have when it comes to your golf handicap:

How Do I Calculate My Handicap for Golf?

As a new player, understanding the fundamental of a handicap can be daunting. However, there are numerous calculators you can use to calculate different elements of your game.

These calculators mostly use the same formula, but we have an online calculator you can use for getting a quick handicap if you need one.

The USGA has a different method of calculating your handicap. According to the USGA, you will need to submit three 18-hole scores.

However, these scores can be made up of 9-hole scores as well. In total, you will need to have played 72 holes or three complete rounds to be registered and have an official handicap.

What Handicap Is a Scratch Golfer?

You might have heard the phrase scratch golfer, especially if you watch golf tournaments and listen to the commentators. A scratch golfer is often referred to as a player that has a handicap of zero.

This means that the player will play on par. However, professional golfers can have a score that is below scratch. The better your handicap calculation, the better your performance should be.

How Do I Calculate My Handicap from My Index?

To understand the handicap and the index, we have to determine what the difference is between the two.

The handicap is often the generic score that a golfer uses concerning par and refers to a player’s potential playing ability, which is derived from the number of tees they can play on a given course.

The handicap index is the more official number, which is established by the auspices of the USGA Handicap System. It is the official handicap players use when competing at a professional level.

If you have a handicap index, you don’t need to have the handicap and you won’t need to make the conversion.

To calculate your handicap index, you will need to join a golf club and submit the official number. Keep in mind that a handicap is often unofficial and any player can claim virtually any handicap.


Wrap Up

A golf handicap calculator is an important part of the game. It will give you an idea of where you are and how you are performing. A handicap is an unofficial number that many players can claim.

Using an excel sheet will enable you to see your score and work with it. We would love to see what your handicap is in the comment section below.

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