Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Most people wonder whether they have to spend a lot of money on premium balls to get the best possible result on the golf course.

But that’s not true. There are so many options available on the market these days that’ll allow you to have a great quality golf ball without having to spend tons of money on them.

If you happen to have some time to spend searching for the best budget golf ball, you will definitely come across two names, Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Chrome Soft.

Both these balls have been on the market for a long time. Since these balls have similar kinds of features, it is tough to choose one.

But the Callaway Chrome Soft is definitely our pick between these two. The choice might not be the same for everyone. That’s why we’ve tried to compare these two balls on some important features. So, Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft, which one should you buy?

Find the answer below.

Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft: Things to Consider Before Buying?

Callaway has been producing excellent quality, budget-friendly golf equipment for a long time now. Both the Hex Tour soft and the Chrome Tour soft have a good reputation as mid-range golf balls. The features added to these balls are the same as some high-end golf balls.

For these reasons, most amateur and semi-professional golfers do not hesitate to go for these two balls. They can provide an excellent feel, good build quality, hardy durability, a decent distance, spin, and good performance around the golf course.

So, to differentiate these two balls, we’ll consider the features mentioned above. But we can never say that the ball with the most advanced technology would fit your preference.

Because every golfer is different in their way of playing. Some golfers have high swing speeds, while some have slower swing speeds.

The same goes for a spin. Some golfers can handle a great spin. Some golfers prefer a lower spin for a straighter flight. The distance and spin are highly influenced by the construction and covering of the ball.

In this article, we’ll compare these two balls, mentioning how they perform in every aspect of the game. Both these balls are amazing, but the one that fits the needs of an amateur golfer will be declared the winner of this comparison. Take your time to go through the whole article.

Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft: Comparison

FeatureHex Tour SoftChrome Soft
Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls
DurabilityHighly DurableLess durable than Tour Soft
Construction3 Piece4 Piece
Performance off teeGreatPerforms better than Hex Tour Soft
Performance around greenGoodBetter than Callaway Hex Tour Soft
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Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Balls – [Where to Buy]

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft is one of the most underrated golf balls on the list. It is a good-performing golf ball from Callaway that will let you have the experience of a premium ball within your budget.

If you’re considering buying it, here’s some important information for you.

Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls
  • Callaway HEX Tour Soft 24 Golf Balls
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Callaway Hex Tour soft golf balls were released a long time ago. Despite that, they are considered a good option for golfers who are looking for something on a budget. The signature dimples from Callaway are designed on their surface to increase aerodynamics.

Let’s dig deeper into its features:

Callaway Hex Tour Soft: Overview

  • Construction: 3 Piece
  • Covering: Surlyn
  • Compression: Low compression
  • Feel: Extremely Soft
  • Spin: High spin from the green, low spin from the tee.
  • Distance: Average


Do you know what a professional says about the feel of a golf ball? “I would prefer a ball with a better feel over one that covers more distance.” The feel of a golf ball is important to notice and consider.

 If you need to have good control of your ball, you definitely need to choose a ball with an excellent feel. The Surlyn cover of the three-piece construction of the ball contributes to giving the ball a softer feel.

By playing with the Hex tour soft, you will be able to handle the ball’s flight and range while playing shorter games.

Keep in mind that the Hex Tour Soft is definitely not the highest quality, tour-level golf ball. In this case, the Chrome soft will provide that sort of performance around the green.


We can’t exactly say the Callaway Hex Tour Soft is just another weak golf ball, despite its low spin. It’s definitely a plus since it gives you adequate spin on the course, especially around the green, and simultaneously enables you to keep control of the ball.

Additionally, because of the three-piece construction, you will get a high-energy core. If you’re using the wedges, it will also give you outstanding attention and spin. This will further allow you to resist the short irons. 


Durability is an important feature in golf balls since it determines how effective these balls will be while playing in the long term. The Hex tour soft has a core of Polybutadiene, giving it the sturdiest durability in this price range.

This substance can also withstand cold temperatures, making it a comfortable choice for any weather. It’s an outstanding product for golfers searching for a low-cost, long-lasting ball.

The technology used in the core can withstand a heavy toll without sacrificing other qualities like flexibility. Furthermore, a pack of 24 golf balls will be comfortable enough for several months.


Some golf balls have a technology that allows for enhancing the distance. It enables players to cover some extra yards. The balls we’re comparing today have similar features in them.

Callaway claims that the Hex Tour soft golf balls can travel an extra distance and allow the players to control the ball more swiftly thanks to their design. As a result, we can assume it’s aimed at players who want their shots to be longer and straighter. So, this is definitely a plus for these balls, along with the feel and spin they provide.

We all know how much the three-piece construction adds to a ball’s distance coverage. It also adds some extra yards of distance.


The Callaway Hex Tour Soft is categorized as “low compression.” As a result, players with a medium or slower swing speed should use it.

In most situations, balls with low compression work well. But it is a characteristic that many golfers dislike. So, this, along with other comparable features, will only benefit a restricted group of golfers. 

Well, the low compression of these balls isn’t inherently a negative feature. If you have trouble reaching longer distances, the Hex Tour soft golf balls may be able to assist you.


The Hex Tour soft series from Away was released long ago, and since then the price has decreased by a fair margin. The price dropped after introducing other balls from Callaway, which was pretty good news for its consumers.

The price of these golf balls is lower than any other series of golf balls at this level. Considering how resistant and long-lasting these balls are, their value is a steal.

Chrome Soft Golf Balls – [Best Price]

Before 2020, Callaway faced massive problems in terms of the quality of their balls. The sales dropped, and Callaway users started switching to other golf balls. But in early 2020, Callaway took a huge leap and redesigned their balls.

And then they came up with the Chrome Soft golf balls. It literally changed the whole scenario. They saw a big jump in sales, and the quality of these balls jumped right up impressively. The improved aerodynamics help the ball have a great trajectory and cover a great distance.

Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls
  • New Precision Technology delivers tight dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds and total performance.
  • New Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core for Tour level speed, spin, and control through the bag.
  • Consistent ball flight at every condition with the Tour Aero design.
  • Chrome Soft 22 is designed for a wide range of golfers who want outstanding feel, excellent distance, and incredible forgiveness. Key performance characteristics include Chrome Soft feel, more distance off the tee, and a high level of greenside control.
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The modification of the core has helped the ball to have fewer spins and better launch, which should be a bigger differentiator compared to Callaway Hex Soft golf balls.

The graphite-infused core helps a lot to add spin to the ball in short games, and the mantle construction allows the ball to move fast.

By adding new elements and modifying the interaction among the three interior layers, the balls have achieved more speed with the same softness. Let’s talk more about what this ball offers.

Callaway Chrome Soft Overview

  • Construction: 4 Piece
  • Cover: Urethane
  • Compression: Higher compression
  • Spin: Mid
  • Distance: High distance coverage


The construction of the Chrome soft is a blend of two cores. The inner core is a bit softer compared to the firmer core outside of it. A technology called SoftFast Core combines both features into a single product.

The advantages of having a mixture of a firm and a softer core are:

  • The harder core will help you to manage the ball more easily.
  • The inner core helps it to get more pace, allowing it to go further distances. It’s ideal for golfers who have a slower swing speed.

Callaway has used the TPU hex cover with dimples on the surface of Chrome soft. The updated model is 10% lighter and features a redesigned dimple pattern that prioritizes high velocity while lowering drag and more constant flight.

We have already seen that the chrome soft is a four-piece construction. Each of the layers corresponds to a different core. To begin with, it has a light coating that hides or “distinguishes” the materials between the above-mentioned cores. It also includes a urethane-based exterior covering that offers the ball its signature softness.


We previously talked about how the feel of the ball can impact the control of the ball. The Chrome Soft has almost the same feel as that of a high-end golf ball. This allows you to have the experience of a tour-level golf match performance.

These balls are softer than the Hex Tour soft golf balls. In some instances, golfers do not prefer a golf ball that is too soft. This can be a good feature for some and a drawback for others.


There could be a debate on the durability of the Chrome soft. The Chrome Soft is often considered a high-end golf ball for its softer feel. But it comes with a cost. The durability of Chrome soft golf balls is not that durable in the long run.

Callaway has already been attempting to improve the durability, resilience, and reliability of its product line throughout time. Well, it’d be hard to say the same thing in favor of Chrome Soft’s longevity, despite its strong performance.


Balls of higher quality will provide you with more distance coverage and a cleaner flight than cheaper alternatives. And besides, many golfers cherish the prospect of having a few additional yards throughout a match. As a result, the distance covered by a golf ball is a crucial factor.

The Callaway Chrome Soft is highlighted by its superior flying above other alternatives while still being capable of maintaining a straight flight. The balance of a delicate and solid core is responsible for this. This design gives them lots of flexibility in a variety of ways.


As we mentioned earlier, the Hex Tour soft golf balls provide low spin. But you’ll get a mid-spin experience from the Chrome soft golf balls. Despite this, they are capable of producing low spins on more difficult shots. High spins are also achievable, which is something that gives it some edge over the Hex Tour soft. 

If you have a mid or high handicap, this ball is ideal for you. They can not only cover bigger areas but also do it with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, they’re well worthy of the hefty price tag.


The price tag might be a big problem for many beginners or amateurs. This golf ball will be nearly as pricey as premium choices, but it will not be as effective as other high-performing tour-level golf balls. So, it might be a difficult job for you to pick it over other golf balls in this price range.

But compared to other premium golf balls with the same features, the price is justified. Other premium options are significantly costlier than this one.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs Hex Tour Soft: Which One Is Worth Buying?

Both these balls are superb in their own way. But the Hex tour soft and the Chrome soft are significantly different from each other.

If we’re talking about construction:

  • The Callaway Hex Tour Soft golf ball has three layers.
  • The Callaway Chrome Soft is a golf ball with four layers.

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft can cover distance and has a softer feel. But it failed to reach the level of a premium golf ball owing to its low compression.  As a result, after considering the sturdiness, you may very well have major doubts.

You will definitely get more control over the ball with Chrome soft than its competitor. It has a better ball trajectory and can fly straighter in the air. But the durability of these balls is not up to the mark.

It is really tough to pick one ball from these two. Each has its own pros and cons. So before you buy one, make sure you understand your assignment. Do not buy a golf ball that has a bunch of features that do not meet your needs on the course.

The Hex Tour soft balls only come in one color. Surprisingly, most of the balls sold by Callaway are in colors other than white. This is something you may consider. The Chrome soft comes in five different colors, including white, red, yellow, triple track, and white triple track.

The Callaway Hex Tour soft golf balls are recommended for players having a medium to slow swing speed, and the Chrome Soft is recommended for players who have a steady slow stroke. 


Picking the right golf ball is never an easy task. You need to spend countless hours reading about the balls, all the failed experiments, and how, after all that, a golfer finds the perfect fit for him. If you are an amateur and looking for a perfect ball between the Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Chrome Soft, you have chosen two amazing golf balls.

The Callaway Hex Tour soft and chrome soft are unique in their own way. They perform exceptionally in many particular situations throughout the course. So, if you are comparing the Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft and expecting a winner, you might be wrong technically.

With all the features compared, logically, the Chrome Soft is a better golf ball. But golf is a kind of sport where a player needs to be comfortable with his equipment. Therefore, make sure to go for the one that will help you to perform better and the one that will help you to flourish to your full potential.







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