5 Best Golf Rangefinders Under $100 (2024): An In-Depth Review

Golf rangefinders are a smart buy if you want to take your golf game to new heights. Do you need a tool to assist you in your golfing competitions?

For the past several years, golf rangefinders have been excellent at correctly determining the distance to the flag. Additionally, they are small and lightweight gadgets that, in most situations, are powered by batteries.

In 2024, these are the top 5 best golf rangefinders under $100:

  1. Gogogo VPRO Laser Rangefinder (Overall Best)
  2. BOBLOV LF600G Rangefinder (Runner-Up)
  3. Anyork VPRO X7 Rangefinder (Best For Function)
  4. Aofar GX-2S Slope Rangefinder (Best Budget)
  5. Profey VPRO X5 Slope Rangefinder (Most Durable)

To make it simpler for you to choose the proper model, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about the best golf laser rangefinder under $100, along with the most interesting models available right now.

If you’re looking for an affordable, accurate laser rangefinder, the Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder Distance Measuring with High-Precision Flag Pole Locking Vibration Function Slope Mode Continuous Scan (GS24) is a great option. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry on the course. Plus, the slope feature is a great help when trying to gauge the elevation of your shot.

1. Gogogo VPRO Laser Golf Rangefinder (Overall Best)

The Gogogo Laser Rangefinder is a good value for the money, offering strong performance, a wide range of features with slope tech, and an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold in one hand. 

The slope function is present. The slope switch is used to ensure that the game is tournament-legal. 

The flagpole locking mechanism allows for a distance of up to 150 yards. A brighter, clearer image is achieved using multi-coated optical lenses.

The Gogogo Laser golf rangefinder features a 6x magnification and accurate continuous range measurements up to 650 yards. It’s simple to operate, but you may have to push the button harder to get a response.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder Distance Measuring with High-Precision Flag Pole Locking Vibration Function Slope Mode Continuous Scan (GS24)
  • The most cost-effective rangefinder you can find on the market to provide you reliable performance for golfing, hunting, bowhunting, and other professional application. Both models have slope...
  • Provide high-precision distance measurement. Integrates latest functions such as continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration (Vibrate when the...
  • Measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. The flagpole locking function supports a distance up to 150 yards (Flagpole only) and 250 yards (Aim the flag when...
  • Fully multi-coated optics lenses effectively reduce reflected light and increase the transmission of light giving you a brighter clear image. The diopter is adjustable for precise focus on display
  • TOURNAMENT LEGAL: The "MTL" version features a slope switch that can let you turn off the slope function anytime you want, making your tournament legal.
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Removable AAA batteries power the device; you’ll have to buy them alongside since it is not included in the package.

Gogogo Sport Vpro offers a 1-year warranty with this rangefinder. You’ll either get an optional refund or a product replacement if you encounter a problem in the process.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

For a golf rangefinder that costs less than 100 dollars, the Gogogo Slope rangefinder is one of the best options. It’s our top pick. 

This product is easy to use and move around because of its ergonomics and lightweight design. It can do 6x zoom and locks fast onto targets. 

2. BOBLOV LF600G Golf Rangefinder (Runner-Up)

For less than 100 dollars, you have this stylish and beautiful rangefinder with good ergonomics. It sits comfortably in one hand when measuring your target distance. 

We recommend the BOBBLOV LF600G for the best budget golf rangefinder under $100 without Slope. That is our top pick if you don’t care about Slope. You can have the sibling with a slope for some extra bucks if that’s a must for you. 

It can measure up to 650 yards within a second and can lock on targets 200 yards away. The pin lock technology gives off some vibration bursts when it latches on to its targets. 

BOBLOV Rangefinder, Slope Golf Rangefinder, 650Yards Golf Distance Finder,Support Vibration/Slope On/Off Switch,USB Charging, Accurately and Fast Locking for Golfing or Hunting
  • 【Premium golf/hunting mate with the most cost-effective and beautiful range finders】The most cost-effective and beautiful rangefinder you can find on the market to provide you reliable performance...
  • 【Adequate Clarity and Dependable Accuracy Laser Rangefinder】As a rangefinder, the distance accuracy is pretty vital, We have customer who compares the LF600 and their golf GPS device on the golf...
  • 【Customized Switch Button to control Slope on/off or Vibration on/off 】LF600 Golf distance finder customized a switch button to control Virabtion features in LF600G version(without...
  • 【Premium golf/hunting mate and Battery USB Charging】Magnification x objective is 6x 22mm; range measure accuracy is ±1yard,speed measure accuracy ±5km/h.Perfect for carrying while golfing or...
  • 【Tournament Legal with Slope on/off switch】The "White with slope switch" version features a slope switch that can let you turn off the slope function anytime you want, making your tournament...
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Additionally, you may adjust the level of vibration warnings and the 6x Magnification as needed. The BOBLOV may be operated in three modes: range, flag locking, and speed.

The Boblov LF600 is fast in measuring your target distance with a high accuracy of less than a meter. The gadget has a built-in rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to worry about replacing the device’s battery.

With the accompanied USB Type C, you can easily charge the device on the go with your PC.

BOBLOV LF600G Golf Rangefinder

The Boblov LF600G Golf rangefinder has a nice feel and fits well into your palm. It is simple to use and quite responsive. That is an excellent choice in terms of both quality and usability. This Golf rangefinder is a good golfing partner.

3. Anyork Vpro X7 Golf Rangefinder (Best For Function)

The Anyork brand is not well-known in the world of golf rangefinders, but they do have a good gadget that deserves to be included here.

There is a slope mode on the Vpro X7 Golf Rangefinder, which enables it to compute the real distance between you and your chosen target regardless of whether the landscape is trending upward or downhill.

It is possible to turn off the slope mode by just pressing a button, which makes the device tournament-legal. However, even though it is marketed to calculate ranges up to 1500 yards away, the Anyork Vpro X7 Golf Rangefinder was accurate within 5 yards for distances up to 594 meters away.

Anyork Golf Rangefinder 1500yards, 6X Laser Range Finder with Slope On/Off,Flag-Lock Tech with Vibration, Continuous Scan Support-with Battery
  • 【Excellent Golf&Hunting Rangefinder】Provide you everything you need for golfing, hunting, bowhunting, and other professional application with reliable product quality and after-sales service....
  • 【SLOPE & FLAG-POLE LOCKING 】- Slope function compensates incline or decline of slopes, calculating not only the horizontal, but the trajectory path length between you and the target. Flag-pole...
  • 【ACCURATE with Stabilizing Feature】Measuring range from 5 to 1500 yards,flag-lock up to 350+ yards with +/- 1m high accuracy. Vibrate when the flagpole is locked Under Mode "M2" ,when you make...
  • 【FAST FOCUS SYSTEM】Rangefinder is 6X Magnification ,Even with glasses on, you will not have any issues adjusting the focus to see the target clearly, simply turn the eye piece to focus on your...
  • 【 WHAT YOU GET 】1x rangefinder ( portable size(104*35*70mm, Very small and light 6.6oz) ), 1x carrying case, 2x CR2 batteries,1x carabiner, 1x lanyard, 1x cleaning cloth and 1x manual.We will...
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It makes use of a 6x magnification lens as well as an LCD. It also features a pin lock mechanism with vibrations.

The continuous scan mode is also available, which allows you to examine distances to several targets with a single panning motion.

The Anyork rangefinder looks plastic and cheap. However, this did not prevent the chassis from performing admirably during our testing.

Anyork Vpro X7 Golf Rangefinder

With a removable CR2 battery, you can play for extended periods without worrying about charging your device. The rangefinder saves battery life by powering off after 3 seconds of idleness.

Anyork Vpro X7 golf rangefinder offers all the benefits of a high-end one for a fraction of the cost. Using this laser equipment, you may determine the distance between you and your target, regardless of the terrain’s Slope.

One of the reasons golfers usually suggest it as one of the best budget golf laser rangefinders under 100 is because of its 6x zoom and LCD.

4. Aofar GX-2S Slope Golf Rangefinder (Best Budget)

Suppose you are searching for a low-cost golf laser rangefinder for under 100 dollars. In that case, this AOFAR brand model offers a plethora of capabilities at a very reasonable price, making it a popular choice among those who want a high-quality gadget at a low cost.

First and foremost, you should note that it has a range of up to 660 yards with a variation of one meter, which is slightly more than the ranges of the previous versions.

Measurement is quick, and the reading is accurate. The slope switch, of course, allows it to be utilized in golf games. The Slope technology allows you to measure both Slope and angle.

AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder Slope On/Off, Flag-Lock with Vibration, 600 Yards Range Finder, 6X 25mm Waterproof, Carrying Case, Free Battery, Gift Packaging
  • 【GOLF RANGEFINDER】: Measurement 5-600 yds. 5/285 yds to Flag, 5/415 yds to tree. High-definition, 6X Magnification, LCD clear display. Fast measurement and accurate reading. Accuracy ±1yd. Slope...
  • 【FLAG-LOCK TECHNOLOGY WITH VIBRATION】: Scan from far to near. After get the further object distance then move to flag. This way you will get the distance of the flagpole and at the same time...
  • 【SLOPE SWITCH TECHNOLOGY】: Slope switch technology is legal for Golf Tournament. Pressing “M” button for 10 seconds to switch Slope. The signal “OFF” will appear and only leave...
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND UNIQUE DESIGN】: Dimensions: 121x 72 x 43 mm, weight 180g. Lightweight and durable body. Starry paint pattern. Streamlined appearance. Non-slip rubber design. Waterproof and dust...
  • 【RISK FREE AND FULL ACCESSORIES】: Provides two years VIP and lifetime customer support. Comes with carrying pouch, free CR2 battery, high-grade portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth and user...
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The Aofar design is quite portable and light, weighing only 180g and measuring 3.5 inches long. Aofar also claims this device is waterproof and dust resistant; that’s not a feature one would expect in this price range.

It contains a high-definition LCD screen, a 6x magnification, vibration flag lock technology, and a scan signal to check that it has been done correctly, in addition to providing rapid and precise readings.

Last but not least, this golf rangefinder comes with a black storage container, a wrist strap, batteries, cloth, and the user handbook.

Aofar GX-2S Slope Golf Rangefinder

In terms of value for money, this is one of the best golf rangefinders with a slope under $100, especially when you consider what you receive for your money.

The water and dust resistance ensures that the product will last for years. With the Aofar GX-2S golf rangefinder, you will have a reliable partner for the duration of your golfing career.

5. Profey Slope Golf Rangefinder (Most Durable)

Profey’s mission is to enhance the outdoor experience of golfers via their quality rangefinders and other golf equipment. That is a fantastic slope golf rangefinder for the money.

The VPro X5 can shoot a maximum of 1,500 yards at its best. It comes with flag-locking technology that gives off some vibrating bursts when it locks onto the target. The measuring range is from 5 to 1500 yards, with an accuracy of 1 yard. Capable of doing 6x zoom magnification. 

There are two mode switches on the Profey professional golf laser rangefinder, the M1, which can turn on the Continuous scanning, while the M2 switches the slope mode, among other things.

The Slope increases precision while measuring target distances on an uphill or downhill. With a slope switch, the Profey Vpro X5 is compliant with the rules of tournaments. It also includes a carrying case and a strap with a clip for easy transport.

You won’t have any trouble changing the focus to view the target properly, even if you’re wearing glasses. Profey includes 2 CR2 batteries in the package; This will last you some games.

To further enhance the battery life, after 10 seconds of inactivity, the range finder turns off on its own.

Profey Slope Golf Rangefinder

The Profey Vpro X5 has everything: inexpensive pricing, simple design, durability, and long-distance measurement capability. Slope mode is a unique feature for a product in this price range.

As a result, this is a great device to consider if you are searching for a budget golf rangefinder under $100.

What Is a Golf Rangefinder, and How Does It Work?

It is an electronic gadget that, with a laser, assists the golfer in defining the distances on the golf course with more accuracy. The advantages are numerous and varied.

For example, correctly estimating the distance to the flag or determining the precise position of a bunker (sand region) or a water hazard are all important tasks.

Some additional models incorporate the Slope function, which measures the Slope and uses that information to determine the distance.

How Does Golf Rangefinder Work

It is not permitted to be utilized in competitions, even though it may be turned off in some models. Because rangefinders are not permitted in all of them, it is best to check with the venue ahead of time.

The so-called Jolt technology is another feature that offers the player a little vibration when he has measured the perfect distance between him and the flag.

Best Golf Rangefinders Under $100: Buying Guide

On the market, there are a number of rangefinders, but not all are perfect for your needs. Here are some things to consider before making a purchase decision.

Range Measurement

This is an essential element. All rangefinders have a maximum range that they can operate inside. You must ensure that you have sufficient distance to adapt to the demands of the game and the playing ground.

According to some experts, the least range required to justify a purchase is 500 meters. Some Rangefinders on our List, like the Profey Vpro X5, can measure as far as 1200 meters.

Ease of Usage

If this is your first time utilizing one of them, there is a learning curve involved. Two components will require some further effort.

Some types perform better when the eye is positioned within the optics. Others necessitate that you keep your eyes a few inches from the optics.

Although the ease of use varies slightly between models, all of the best cheap golf rangefinders under $100 reviewed here are quite simple to operate.

Secondly, holding the device with one or two hands while adjusting the lens may not be as simple as it appears at first glance. However, all you have to do is move the crosshair on the scope around the flagpole, which will automatically lock onto the target. 

Slope Function

The slope function determines the amount of elevation change between your current location and the target. This Slope calculates the difference between the actual distance to a place and the distance at which the impact should occur. It also applies to both uphill and downhill plays. 

This tool can be very handy when training or participating in a competition. However, keep in mind that this function is not permitted in most tournaments.

All the rangefinders with Slope on this list perform great, starting from the Gogogo Pro GS24, and they offer an option that allows you to disable the slope function.

Pin Seeker or Pin Lock Technology

The majority of models on our list of the best golf rangefinders under 100 dollars have the capability of distinguishing between items in the background and those nearby.

The technology allows the gadget to distinguish between flags, pins, and other objects on the green with more effectiveness.

Some brands call these features by other names. Here, some rangefinders will deliver a visual, vibratory, or audible signal when the nearest target is locked on the screen. Many wouldn’t mind paying more to get this feature.

The Aofer GX-2S golf rangefinder offers a speedy pin-lock mechanism, Thanks to its AI-powered technology with a Pin seeker. 

On the majority of devices, the scan mode is also available. The distance between the targets may be determined while holding the laser and scanning across the scene with your eyes closed.

That is handy for finding bunkers or trees from the tee. It is, however, less beneficial as you get closer to the green.

The Magnification and Precision of the Lens

No rangefinder is 100% accurate. Precision levels are often measured in half-meter increments and up to a few meters. The Gogogo Pro GS24 does a great job here.

If you come across one that has an accuracy of more than 3 meters, it is advised that you do not purchase it.

The Magnification of the laser meters will differ from that of the monocular. In general, the best is between 5X and 7X in terms of zoom capability. The ability to aim with greater accuracy is made possible by higher magnification levels.

As a result, high-magnification devices are more convenient to use since they can reach a target more quickly and efficiently.

Dimensions of the Golf Rangefinder

Unless otherwise stated, all rangefinders are meant to be operated with one hand. However, it is possible that using both hands will assist you in keeping the device steady. This will need a relatively bigger gadget, which will also be heavier.

The Aofer GX-2S and the Boblov LF-600G give the perfect balance between weight and size. Consider balancing size and weight to get the most comfortable fit for your requirements.


This refers to the capacity to see readings on the screen in their original clarity. Clarity is quite important in many of the greatest models.

Furthermore, some models stand out, such as the Aofer GX-2S, Which allows you to view the display easily even when you’ve got some sight challenges. Alternatively, the Anyork has great visuals.

Battery Life Expectancy

Most rangefinders require a new battery every 6 to 12 months, depending on the model. That is mostly determined by the number of rounds you play each week, the amount of time between games, and the weather conditions.

Other devices, like the Boblov LF600G, operate on rechargeable batteries, which is a crucial consideration when purchasing a golf laser.

What’s the Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money?

There is no single best golf rangefinder out there. You can also get a good device among the best golf rangefinders for under $50. It all boils down to what you want.

We’ve compiled a list of the alternatives that we believe are the most accurate and reasonable pricing. We’ve got the best laser rangefinders under $100 here if you are on a tight budget.

We’d love the Anyork Vpro X7 for its portability, 6x zoom capability, Slope switch, and ability to measure distances up to 1300m, at least on paper.

Most of them also have slope switch technology, allowing you to switch between Slope and non-slope modes easily. Go over the review of each rangefinder in our list if you are still finding it hard to make a choice.

Alternatively, you may read the brief buyer guide above to see what to expect in a golf rangefinder.

What Kind of Rangefinder Does Tiger Woods Use?

Although professional golfers like Tiger Woods cannot use golf rangefinders in most tournaments, they still use them during practice sessions to perfect their accuracy.

At the same time, Most professional golfers see the Bushnell brand as the go-to brand for accuracy and speed.

The Bushnell Laser Rangefinder balances accuracy and precision, ergonomics, and affordability. It’s a good bang for the buck and maintains a precious position among professionals.

Is Slope on a Rangefinder Worth It?

The Slope is a function of a golf rangefinder gadget that allows you to measure the slopes of a golf court using the instrument.

When planning a course for a competition where rangefinders are not permitted, it is helpful to consider the Slope of the terrain. I recommend using a standard rangefinder because it does the job and is legal for most tournament play.

A slope is preferable if you want to use it for casual rounds or practice since it makes the shots more manageable. It all comes down to whether or not you would like to spend more on the slope feature.


Many skilled golfers also carry a rangefinder to ensure that they make the best decision possible. It is essential, especially for those players who wish to pursue a professional career in the sport of golf. 

The majority of the low-cost devices on our list are equipped with slope technology and are capable of 6x zooming. Some have measuring ranges of up to 1,500 yards, which is rather impressive.

What’s the finest golf rangefinder under $100 in your opinion? Have you ever utilized any of the items listed above? If so, how did it go for you? Which one, if any, do you mean by this term?

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