Best Alternative To Pro V1 in 2024: Is There A Cheaper Option?

The Titleist Pro V1 has been one of the best-performing golf balls for the last decade. From amateur to pro golfers, when it comes to buying a quality golf ball, Pro V1 is a one-stop choice. But there’s something else that comes with its amazing quality, its price.

A dozen Pro V1 balls cost around $50. For this reason, many amateur golfers search for a cheaper option. Why wouldn’t they? The golf ball market has become so competitive and you can easily find an alternative to Pro V1.

So if you’re looking for the best Pro V1 alternative, give this article a read. If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, go for the Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls or Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls if you want something budget-friendly.

What Are We Looking For In The Replacement of The Pro V1?

As we mentioned earlier, the Titleist Pro V1 is the best golf ball you’ll find on the market. Almost 80% of tour players consider using it.

The only reason why you should consider buying another golf ball is the price of Pro V1. But you should never compromise on the quality of your golf balls to save a few bucks.

The quality of your golf ball has a great impact on your game. Spin, speed, and distance coverage are some of the key traits we consider while buying a golf ball.

The Pro V1 was developed keeping both beginner and professional golfers in mind. If you’re someone who’s starting right from the beginning, this ball will work wonders for you.

It provides excellent spin rates, and really lengthy drives, and yet ensures a normal amount of green-side composure if you achieve swing speeds of as high as a hundred mph. 

Let’s have a look at the best features of the Titleist Pro V1.

Distance Coverage

Some golf balls are designed as distance golf balls, and some are designed as tour golf balls. But the manufacturer of the Pro V1 has done a great job of cutting short the difference between these two types. The Pro V1 provides excellent distance coverage.

If you use another golf ball with a swing speed of 95 mph, you will find a difference in the short length.

Game Control

The Pro V1 was primarily developed with several distinct goals in mind. It allows adequate driving distances. It also offers exceptional short-game handling.

The Pro V1 offers a soft surface that gives you a better feel and more composure when you’re hitting shots from around the grass. It reacts brilliantly while not only hitting a pitch, but also a chip and bunker shots.

Amazing Spin

We don’t need to tell you how crucial it is to have the ability to pause when playing with irons, and Pro V1 provides you with that ability. If you hit a shot over the green at a decent speed, the ball will have the proper spin to stay motionless.

Sound, Design, and Feel

The Pro V1 improves on the older version by using a proprietary polymeric material cover to provide a sturdier yet smoother surface for golfers. The dimples are made by using spherical tiles.

It has an amazing in-hand feel because of that covering. So we get a smoother ball with the durability kept at its peak.

The Pre V1 has the sweetest sound that can boost the confidence of a golfer after each shot. It can even produce good sounds with a little click.


The upgraded painting methods and covers, according to Titleist, provide significantly increased durability.

According to experts, the typical golf ball should last seven rounds before showing symptoms of the damage, but you can be confident that you’re having the sturdiest golf ball with Pro V1.

The reason we talked about how good the Titleist Pro V1 is So, that you’d want an almost similar replacement for it.

As we mentioned earlier, the quality of the ball has a great impact on the quality of the game. Now let’s head towards finding the closest replacement for Pro V1.

What Are The Options?

It’s really difficult to replace a ball that is as good as the Pro V1. It has everything you look for in a perfect, all-around, high-performing golf ball.

But the good thing is, that some similar balls on the market can provide you with almost the same performance.

Here is our best pick of golf balls similar to pro v1:

These golf balls might not be as good as the Titleist Pro V1, but they will definitely save some cash. The basic differentiating point between these balls is their firmness or softness. Compared to the Pro V1, the Callaway Chrome Soft series is a little lighter.

The Vice golf balls may be a little firmer. However, the feel of the ball has little bearing on performance.

Callaway Chrome Soft Series Balls: Closest to Pro V1?

The Callaway Chrome Soft series is a great choice for amateur golfers, as well as professional golfers. This series consists of three models: the Callaway Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, and Chrome Soft X LS. It is used by many great golfers around the world.

Our pick is the Callaway Chrome Soft.

Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls
  • New Precision Technology delivers tight dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds and total performance.
  • New Hyper Elastic SoftFast Core for Tour level speed, spin, and control through the bag.
  • Consistent ball flight at every condition with the Tour Aero design.
  • Chrome Soft 22 is designed for a wide range of golfers who want outstanding feel, excellent distance, and incredible forgiveness. Key performance characteristics include Chrome Soft feel, more distance off the tee, and a high level of greenside control.
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The Callaway Chrome Soft can cover a decent amount of distance. It is as good as the Pro V1 covering the same club. The design of this ball allows it to penetrate the wind and go a long way.

Green Spin

With Chrome Soft, you’ll find a lot of spin going on. The ball has terrific spin, and you’ll get a minimum check and a little release.


The ball performs admirably throughout the rounds. It may have had a few tiny scratches from sharp wedge strokes, but generally, it was in good shape.

Triple Track Alignment

It has a special feature called Triple Track Alignment. You can easily line up your ball on the desired line, thanks to this feature. It will help to boost your confidence and give you a better outcome.


  • You’ll get a decent launch.
  • Driver speed is high.
  • Great distance covered.
  • Proper green spin.
  • It is appropriate if you have a swing speed of 105 mph.


  • If you are someone who likes a hard, firm ball with a ‘clicky’ sound, this ball might not be suitable for you.

The Chrome Soft X is a great ball to purchase. It’s the closest thing to the Titleist Pro V1, and the prices are the same too. The triple-track alignment will give it a slight edge over other options. Nevertheless, you’ll get an amazing performance from this ball.

Bridgestone Tour B XS: Professional’s Choice

The Bridgestone Tour B XS is a great option to consider. These balls are designed with a strong core to give you more distance coverage. Above everything, this ball is used by the great Tiger Woods.

Bridgestone Golf 2022 Tour B XS Golf Balls White
$49.99 $33.94

The V5 doesn't have many of the bells and whistles of other models, but you know what? It's lightning fast, looks great, and most importantly? Is REALLY enjoyable to use. I love this thing.

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Injection Mold Urethane Cover enables great performance from tee to green. When you hit iron shots, the ball cushions the force, allowing you to manage the ball better on the green.

The top, on the other hand, gives great force and velocity for maximum distance on long iron shots.


It features a relatively hard depositional compression core that is designed to provide a long way off the green. The combination of faster ball speeds and reduced spin results in a longer length.

Moreover, the quick ball speed induced by the base improves the ball’s tolerance by allowing it to retain speed even when struck off-center.

Double Dimple

The aerodynamics of the ball is increased by the double dimple. It results in increased lift and distance traveled.


  • Aerodynamics have been improved for a greater range.
  • In long-range shots, the club releases faster from the club, producing a better launch.
  • On wedge drives, it stays closer to the narrow end for a greater spin.
  • increased ball velocity.
  • Drift has been minimized.


  • It is costly and not suitable for those who regularly drive below 105 miles per hour.

Bridgestone offers all the quality we search for in a quality golf ball. The Tour B XS offers fast speed, excellent spin, and decreased drag. But having mentioned all these, the Tour B XS is still not for amateur golfers. If you can hit a stroke over 105 mph, this one is for you.

Vice Golf Pro Plus – Best Budget Golf Ball?

Vice is a company based on DTC, which means they can deliver quality golf balls at low costs since they don’t have to invest thousands in sponsorship and other expenses. Vice has made some amazing golf balls over the years.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls
  • 4 Piece cast urethane cover ball construction with extra-thin cover for the most comprehensive performance from tee to green
  • Designed for golfers with high swing speeds with highest performance requirements
  • Outstanding driver distance and spin control
  • Newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming
  • Available in three different colors WHITE, NEON LIME, NEON RED
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If you’re talking about value for money, this is currently the best you can find in the market. The Vice Golf Pro Plus costs less than $35 per dozen, making it the most budget-friendly golf ball.

We discovered the Vice Golf Pro Plus to be precise with almost every club in the bucket, particularly in windy situations, thanks to its long length and reduced driver spin. It maintains a good line.

In the fifty-two, fifty-six, and sixty-degree shots, you’ll get amazing controls in the green and greenside bunker. It also offers accurate spins. The ball is as durable as the Pro V1. The alignment helpline will also boost your confidence greatly.

What Should You Go For?

The golf balls mentioned above are hands down the best alternatives to the Titleist Pro V1. We tried to depict the actual picture in front of you. Now it’s your job to choose your preferred golf ball.

Our recommendation would be to go for the Chrome Soft. It is almost the same as the Pro V1.

But if you are looking for something that will meet your playing style and your budget, the Vice Golf Pro Plus is the one for you.

Is It Better to Get Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x?

If you’re looking for a top-quality golf ball, you’ve probably considered the Titleist. But which one is right for you?

Titleist Pro V comes in two models: the Pro V1 and the Pro V1x. They’re both great balls, but there are some key differences to consider before making your purchase.

The Titleist Pro V1 ball is fractionally softer than the Pro V1x, which becomes more apparent on the green. Titleist Pro V1 is a little more clicky, which many excellent players like, particularly on and around the greens.

So, If you want a top-quality ball with a bit more softness, go for the Pro V1. If you prefer a harder ball with a little more click, choose the Pro V1x.

What Is a Cheaper Version of Pro V1?

Vice PRO Plus Golf Balls are a cheaper version of Pro V1. They are designed for recreational golfer who wants quality performance at an affordable price.

Vice PRO golf balls offer a long-distance, soft feel, and consistent playability for all types of shots.

Which Golf Ball Is Comparable to Pro V1?

Bridgestone Tour B XS is the best alternative to Pro V1’s similar price. The ball has a nice soft feel with good greenside spin and trajectory.

It’s not as long as some of the other options on the market, but it makes up for it in terms of playability.

Are Kirkland Golf Balls the Same as Pro V1?

If you’re looking for a high-quality golf ball that will give you the same performance as a Pro V1, then Kirkland Signature golf balls are a great option.

These balls are designed to meet the same strict standards as the Pro V1, so you can be confident that you’re getting a top-notch product.

Plus, they’re much more affordable than the Pro V1, so you can save some money while still getting great performance.


Despite being among the highest-performing golf balls, amateur and pro golfers are looking for a perfect replacement for the Titleist Pro V1. It’s because of the price tag they come with.

But luckily enough, there are some similar quality golf balls on the market that can be a perfect alternative to the Pro V1.

Before buying a golf ball, make sure you check its build quality, cover, core, distance covered, and spin. And matching these criteria, we found the Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft Golf Balls to be the perfect Pro V1 alternative. The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls is also good if you consider its price. 

Give one of the alternatives a try next time you’re looking for a new golf ball. You might be surprised at how well they perform!







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